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Barack Obama seems finally on his way to developing some sort of strategy to deal with ISIS. Obama has been criticized by both sides of the aisle for informing ISIS that he had no strategy to deal with them. Most know by now that Obama once labelled ISIS the “JV”, then tried to argue he didn’t say it. The lie is so egregious that even Politifact hammered Obama for it.

Barack Obama is careening from one foreign policy blunder to another. After he was elected Obama believed that his Apologizing for America Tour would solve everything. It didn’t. Then he decided to take all US troops out of Iraq so he’d look like a champ. That has now failed. He was going to bomb Assad. That would have been a blunder of monumental proportions. Now he has to deal with ISIS. Obama released the current ISIS leader from US Custody in 2009.  Obama blamed “bad intel” for his being caught flat-footed on ISIS but both the Pentagon and Homeland Security said they knew about ISIS. It seems that the President of the United States was about the only one not to know about ISIS, but as always, it’s not his fault. Nothing is ever his fault.

Obama’s plan for ISIS is a departure from his past actions. The weirdest part is that he wants to include Congress. He wants Congress to have a “buy-in.” There is irony in Obama’s words:


Obama said he will meet with members of Congress on Tuesday to discuss the administration’s strategy, let lawmakers “have buy-in” and debate the plan. But asked by Todd if he was seeking congressional authorization of his strategy, Obama appeared to say no.

“I’m confident that I’ve got the authorization that I need to protect the American people,” he said.


Heck, why wouldn’t America have confidence in someone who is wrong just about 100% of the time, gets caught flat footed and rarely if ever utters a truth?

When Obama attacked Libya he thumbed his nose at Congress. There is a reason this time is different. According to Obama, defeating ISIS into a “manageable” state will take three years. There is a reason for that. It would mean the campaign would last into 2017.

After Obama is out of office.

At that time the next President will be forced to deal with the reality of Iraq. We need boots on the ground. There is no way to have good intel and act as a deterrent without having boots on the ground. There is more than ample precedent. To this day the US maintains a peaceful presence in Japan and Germany. There was no reason not to leave a residual force in Iraq, other than Obama promised he’d take them all out. Obama could easily have left a force there are declared them “advisors” as he has done now. The US now has 1000 troops in Iraq. Like it or not, we’re back in Iraq and in another war. Shhh!

Any time there is something that needs to be done which could cause pain to Obama or to democrats, it’s delayed. It gets swept under the rug.

Obamacare employer mandate? 2017.

Executive action on immigration? After the election.

What doesn’t he delay? Golf. Ten minutes after noting the beheading of a second American he’s teeing up.

The Obama agenda for the next two plus years will be to avoid risk and delay any and all possible discomforting actions until Obama is out of office. As it always has been, Barack Obama’s number one priority in the world is Barack Obama.

Iraq was won. Obama threw it away. Now it has to be taken back again. This was avoidable.

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