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democrats are a dependable and predictable bunch. When they hear a dog whistle, they come. democrat pols have been blowing the whistle of impeachment for some time and their unthinking followers are obeying. Despite no GOP leader calling for Obama’s impeachment, however well deserved, democrats are ginning up the impeachment issue. As have observed, Obama is all but begging to be impeached. Rep. Steve Scalise said that this “might be the first White House in history trying to start the narrative of impeaching their own president.”

It is, of course, about money. democrats claim to have raised $2 million off the scare mongering thus far. Behind the scenes, they’re laughing at the democrat base they can count on empty their wallets without thinking. Tonight on Special Report AB Stoddard said that democrats can barely contain their giggling at their success.

The impeachment dog whistle is a convenient canard to distract the left wing base from how poorly Obama is performing. Greg Gutfeld:

“Strangely, it’s almost a tacit acknowledgement of how poor a job Obama is doing,” Gutfeld continued. “They’re not saying ‘Are you kidding!?’ when impeachment is brought up. Instead they threaten their base.”

So what should the GOP do?

Call his bluff.

They should continue to dismiss talk of impeachment and continue the lawsuit. Moreover, they should campaign on the President’s lawlessness, the damage being done to the country by the democrat party, the costs being visited upon taxpayers and the need for sanity.

Scott Brown has already begun to do this:

Republican Senate hopeful Scott Brown is unleashing a new TV ad focused on border security against New Hampshire Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, tethering her to President Barack Obama on an issue that has dominated the headlines in recent weeks.

The spot shows Brown, the former Massachusetts senator now running in the Granite State, talking to the camera, describing the various checkpoints Americans go through to get into government buildings, an airplane, a ballgame.

“But folks who come here illegally, they just walk across the border,” he says, calling it “wrong,” as the camera pans over a field of low, dry grass.

“Thanks to the pro-amnesty policies of President Obama and Sen. Shaheen, we have an immigration crisis on our hands,” Brown says. “We respond with compassion, but it’s time for us to secure the border once and for all.”



This is potent stuff. Republicans can appeal to minorities over the money happily spent by Obama on illegals that he doesn’t spend on inner city children:


Illegal immigration will destroy black America:




Obama spits in the faces of those who follow the rules and immigrate legally.

Speaking at The New York Meeting on Monday, Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) took a firm stance against illegal immigration, saying massive illegal immigration angers legal immigrants and threatens to balkanize America.

Panelists who were more moderate on immigration policy tried to nudge McClintock to the left on the issue, but he stood his ground.

“A lot of immigrants that I talk to… are the maddest about illegal immigration because they’re the ones who stood patiently in line, and obeyed all of our laws, came here with a sincere desire to become Americans, and they are watching 11 million people trying to cut in line and flout our laws,” McClintock said. “I have found that legal immigrants, those people who came here in order to become Americans, are the angriest about illegal immigration and we need to appeal to them as well.”

McClintock, who many California conservatives ultimately believed would have been a better governor than Arnold Schwarzenegger, added that America was built on a common language, common culture, and a common appreciation of American legal and constitutional traditions

“If we allow illegal immigration, then there is no point to legal immigration,” he said.

McClintock said illegal immigration would destroy “the glue that holds this country together and unites us as one people made from all of the people’s from the world.

How about interviews with the families of those killed by illegals?


how about those murdered by Obama’s catch and release pals?


The majority of those appearing at the border are not children, but family units instead. This has to be made clear.


Illegals can fly without an ID.  American citizens cannot.

Illegals can enter the country without a passport or ID. America citizens cannot.

People are angry and democrats underestimate it. Should Obama go ahead and grant some kind of amnesty I suspect the country will catch fire. If he doesn’t, you’ll know he was always full of sh*t and his sycophants will know they’ve been shaken down. This is an intentionally manufactured crisis. Make Obama eat it.

There’s a lot of ammo out there. Lock and load.

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