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illegal immigrants

Why am I still a Republican? The GOP just passed a bill that cuts veterans benefits, increases the debt, and raises fees (taxes) And in doing so they gutted the Sequester, the only successful attempt to stop the growth of government in recent memory. They decided to declare war on the very people who put them in the House, the Tea Party. Now, all accounts suggest the GOP is going all in on amnesty in the spring. And if amnesty is passed, the GOP will go full bore Big Government in an effort to try to win the larger Hispanic vote.

They don’t call the GOP the party of stupid for nothing. Per Wikipedia: In the 2010 midterm elections, 60% of Hispanics voted Democratic, while 38% voted Republican.[5] In 2008, 67% of Hispanics voted for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, while 31% of Hispanics voted for Republican presidential candidate John McCain.[6] In 2006, 69% of Latino voters supported Democratic candidates in congressional races, while 30% supported Republican candidates. So with all these facts in mind, what does the GOP think will add to the it’s chances in the 2014 election? “Lets add to the Democrat base of voters!” Actually, it’s worse then that. Previously, the GOP and its base had a bit of a understanding. The GOP pretends to be Conservative and we pretend to believe them as long as there were some lines that the GOP did not cross. They are however, crossing a good number of them this year. And in doing so the GOP has alienated a good portion of their base including people just like me. I, for one, am tired of it. And I will not play the game anymore.

I have no problem with legal immigration. Our nation was founded by immigrants. These were hard working immigrants who believed in the American Dream and assimilated into the melting pot  called America. Not Asian Americans, or Italian Americans, or German Americans, but just Americans. Illegal immigration is a different matter.  I am fully aware a vote for a third party is a vote for the Democrats in a two party system but I am starting to see little difference between the two because I know how it will end if Amnesty passes.  Amnesty will eventually bankrupt a country struggling with debt and overload a healthcare system already weakened by Obamacare. it will spark another wave of immigration. It will create a huge shift in voting patters, and drive down wages. This will hurt the poor and African Americans, the very group that votes Democrat 90% of the time.  Because of Amnesty there will be fewer jobs, and it will overwhelm our welfare system. And in an effort to pay for this, you guessed it, taxes will increase as will the debt. And as the percentage of debt per the GDP increases yearly, amnesty will only make the rise quicker and hasten the eventual collapse of our country’s social programs. If the country will go down, it will go down with me staying true to my values rather then being stuck with the party of stupid. I am telling Boehner one thing. If amnesty passes, I am done with the GOP. I will become an independent.

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