Posted by Justin Young on 17 December, 2013 at 2:00 pm. 3 comments already!


You know that you’ve really messed up when your enemies aren’t the only ones who are attacking you, but now those you called “friends.” Yeah, good ole John Boehner now is taking heat from his base, and by base I mean the obnoxious fringe element of the Republican Party. I’m talking about ever loud mouth lobbying group and every “I have to have everything my way/ no I won’t compromise/ let me complain just to complain” far right winger there is. You know the ones that make regular conservatives and regular good intentioned Republicans look bad. Here’s the thing though, that I just don’t get. As far as I see Boehner has done a good job. Sure the Democrats have had their way on things, but that is the name of the game considering how the two sides of congress are made up right now but come on. He’s one of the only ones who didn’t supported this idea of shutdown at the expense of average government workers just to score political points and smash a tomato in the presidents face. On the other hand, when he could, he stood firm on policies that he felt were against what Republicans stand for. He’s also the one who has called out this president many times for dragging his feet, not getting involved in solution making, and overall not keeping his word. Now, all of a sudden, when the skies have opened up in the eyes of people like me and we finally saw the two sides both give up some of what they wanted to get a budget passed, these far left and far right fringe elements have come out attacking based on the idea that their parties compromised and came to an agreement. Well, big whoop.

It’s sad that these elementary minded individuals are so easily upset that grown men and woman would have the audacity to sit at a table together and work out a deal for the American people. After all, those of us who aren’t partisan elect leaders to get the business of our country done, not go to Washington to support what we deem important only. Yes, I want leaders who support my opinions, but also with a mind towards keeping this country fiscally, military, and even politically balanced.

Somebody please explain this to me: why in the world we have to fight about everything. If we are against core principles like gay marriage, abortion, etc then fine…I agree those are battleground issues and we should stand our ground and I don’t mind if the other side wants to stand its ground but for crying out loud, what kind of idiots are we to come to a point where we have to argue about every little thing just because the opposite party is in favor of it (and as I said, this excludes moral issues). Does it make any since that because I’m a Republican and the president says “we should reform schools to make them better”, I have to say “NO! Let’s do nothing.” or that because I’m a Democrat and Marco Rubio says “let’s secure our borders,” I have to say “No! Let’s do nothing.” I’ve seen things worked out better in my wife’s kindergarten class than with these jokers in Washington. But seriously, I can’t find a common since reason why everything has to be about fighting each other. Yes, I do believe in a robust debate because those can breed the best solutions, but the key in those debates has to literally be about hashing things out TO FIND A SOLUTION. Anybody who believes our politicians argue today to come to a great solution is either delusional or doesn’t know what they are talking about. Few are and I’ll give them credit but even they are powerless if the majority feels like each time they meet the other side, it should be a civil war. It’s funny, that I have a buddy (actually my old roommate from college), and we can sit and talk about politics all day and come up with solutions for the simplest problems…just two “nobodies,” yet, even when we disagree on a topic, we can find some common ground to agree on. In the case about the current state of politics, we can normally agree pretty quick what the solution should be and it usually, it revolves around kicking the current politicians out of office, but at least its part of a solution.

I guess I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s something you are taught or exposed to in certain places but I just don’t get it. My parents have always understood politics and what’s going on in the world and instilled in me this attitude to always be up on current events. My dad was in the military and my mom a military wife. Things in the political world always had some kind of effect on our family BUT, my parents never taught me what party to like or told me who I should vote for or shouldn’t vote for. As a matter of fact, I never even knew what party they were in…BECAUSE THEY DON’T ADHERE TO ONE! I get so sick of hearing how my friend’s parents have told them never vote for this party or that party. I mean come on, is that your child or is that your political robot? These are the people who fuel this political divide making politics into an actually war. No, my parents taught me the value of knowing what I believe. They taught me to think for myself and they taught me that things aren’t always black and white and in this life you have to be able to think critically. I think this is why I don’t say I’m a Republican even though most of my values line up with that party BUT they have to many idiots in the party that I don’t want to have representing me. They show too much disrespect to the opposite party and current president, and they are hypocrites. This is also why I’m not a Democrat. Let’s be honest, my morals don’t line up with them AT ALL even though on social issue, for the most part, they do. But they to have a sick way of showing their dislike for the opposite party and they have no control over their far left wing fringe elements. Nope, I’m comfortable not being associated with either and never understood why people do want to be. You can’t just say I’m with this group and ignore the bad they do. I mean in my eyes you ARE that group, point blank. That’s like me saying “I’m a Christian and that group is a Christian group even though they steal and murder, but I’m not really a part of that stuff.” NO, that is STUPID…Nobody would do that. It’s the same with this ridiculous idea of being a part of one of these parties. Sure they both make some good points, but identifying with them is the same as identifying with the outlandish elements of the party. You don’t get the chance to defend what party you agree with or don’t agree with in someone else eyes. In their eye, you’re just guilty by association.

-End Rant-