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Aaron Alexis seems to have listened to Joe Biden and taken his advice. Back in February Biden said:

“You don’t need an AR-15,” he said. “Buy a shotgun! Buy a shotgun!”

And that’s what Aaron Alexis did. Back then Bided added:

“I have two shotguns at home. No one is going to come and take my guns.”

Here’s the video:


Aaron Alexis did buy a shotgun- legally:

Aaron Alexis legally purchased the shotgun he used to kill 12 people, the FBI said Tuesday.

FBI Assistant Director Valerie Parlave also told reporters that Alexis only had the shotgun — not an assault rifle, as many news outlets reported — when he walked into Building 197 at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday morning. But it may not be the only gun he used.

“We have no information that he had an AR-15 assault rifle in his possession,” she said at a press conference. “He may have gained access to a handgun … after he began shooting.”

An initial investigation indicates that Alexis bought a Remington 870 shotgun at a Lorton, Va., gun shop last week, according to the Wall Street Journal. State law in Virginia allows for an individual to buy rifles or shotguns even if that person is not a state resident.

Somehow a mentally ill man with a history of arrests and eight citations for misconduct in the military got both security clearance and got hold of a card that allowed him to enter a Naval base while bypassing the security guards.

The media went off the rails fingering the AR 15 as the weapon used in the murders, but that’s not the end of the story. One person was killed with an AR 15.

The shooter.

And consider this: this guy was mentally ill and reports say he able to able to enter the base bypassing the security guards.

A friend of Aaron Alexis said Alexis wasn’t happy with America. What if Aaron Alexis had a car full of semtex or C4 and parked his vehicle next to a busy office building inside the base?

Think about it.

This isn’t about guns. It’s about mental illness- just like Tucson, Aurora, Virginia Tech, and Sandy Hook.

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