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Yeah, no bias….

The White House held a background briefing Friday to discuss Obamacare implementation with a handful of journalists from liberal and progressive outlets.

Slate blogger Matthew Yglesias posted a photograph to Instagram Friday featuring himself and other liberal journalists at the White House, with the caption “#thistown.”

Yglesias’ photograph features American Prospect staff writer Jamelle Bouie and MSNBC’s Benjy Sarlin attending the briefing.

Yglesias, who publicly cheered the death of conservative activist Andrew Breitbart, is known as a member of a tight-knit circle of progressive bloggers that includes Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein and low-rated MSNBC host Chris Hayes.

Klein and Hayes garnered conservative criticism in 2011 for attending an off-the-record White House briefing at which Obama disclosed his strategy on the temporary payroll tax holiday. Klein also set off a round of controversy in November 2011 for briefing Senate Democratic staffers on the super committee.

Reporter Adam Housley doesn’t like it one bit:

As a journo…I have a real problem with the White House holding secret meetings with progressive journalists to promote its agenda

That is completely against everything we are taught. Completely wrong. Might as well pay em.

Professional journalists are supposedly taught to keep their beliefs out of their reporting but how is that possible when not only does the party in power invite only a certain segment of journalists to pass on their propaganda but the journalists accept this totally inappropriate invitation?

It’s not possible and after the Journolist scandal and all these secret meetings it is no longer possible to deny the bias in our media. The age of real journalism is gone. There is no ethics in that profession anymore. It’s all about your side winning no matter the damage it does to the professions ethics.

Sad but true.

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