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The Obama regime is the greatest danger to our Constitutional freedoms Americans have ever faced. Let us work our way through how our Constitution will be lost.

Against the wishes of Congress, Secretary of State Kerry has declared that President Obama will sign the United Nations Small Arms Treaty. Kerry stated that it may take ten or twenty years but eventually a Democratic controlled Congress will ratify the treaty. While the SCOTUS in the past has declared that the Constitution is Supreme law of the land, and that treaties may not directly violate the Constitution, a future activist SCOTUS could allow what it considers “reasonable” measures that result in loss of our Constitutional rights. We have seen this incremental whittling away of our rights for decades by Federal courts and the SCOTUS. With Obama’s stacking of these courts with far-left activist justices, we can no longer have confidence that a Federal Judicial branch will protect our rights.

The Small Arms Treaty would require US citizens to register our weapons with the United Nations. At this same time, Democrat majority state senates and assemblies have been passing draconian gun control legislation’s, most of which include expanded vague disqualification language and requirements of registration with harsh penalties. Democrats have continually tried to claim that registration will not lead to confiscation; however a confiscation campaign has already started in California.

All these measures are unquestionably designed to make it easily possible to disarm the American people in direct violation of our Second Amendment rights. The purpose can only be to ensure that the people are vulnerable and unable to defend themselves, their family or their nation..

The AP/Fox journalist intimidation scandal, and IRS scandals (as well as many other under-reported abuses by various Federal agencies and Washington office holders,) makes it absolutely clear that that there is an “US versus them” attitude within the Federal government that has determined that the Fed must exert it’s control over the people to keep us inline with their rules and regulations. Many of these rules were not enacted by congressional legislation, but by the agencies themselves, (in direct violation of the Constitutional separation of powers, yet Congress have lazily allowed it.)

The IRS scandal and Bengazi cover-up were clearly orchestrated to favor Obama’s re-election, as was Holder’s actions to keep dead and illegible voters on the state’s voter’s registries. We know that in many districts that votes cast were in excess of the number of registered voters, yet the pro-Obama MSM has largely ignored these criminal irregularities, as has the Justice Department.

Non-progressive political groups are under attack by the Obama White House, the leadership of both the Democrat and Republican parties, agencies of the Federal government and even a heavily progressive MSM. With extreme prejudice. While at the same time, far-left political groups have been unfettered and allowed great freedom to present their messages and are lauded by the news media. Organizations have been targeted for destruction or co-option from forces without and within, in a no-holds-barred culture war against Traditional and Conservative values.

Make no mistake that every action under this administration has been carefully crafted in to “nudge” this nation into an all powerful Orwellian State. They no longer disguise their utter disdain for the Constitution, so why would we expect them to uphold it. They have worked to make as many Americans as possible dependent on government, have pursued an agenda to create fear and desperation in the citizenry via the economic and regulatory reins the executive office holds.

It is now clear that Obama and his fellow Progressives have planned on “immigration reform” to be the final nail in the coffin of the free republic. With its passage, they expect to solidify their power via the legalization of illegal immigrants who will be beholden to the Democratic Party. The passage of this bill will eventually result in Obama intended legacy: the destruction of our two party systems and eventual transformation of the United States of America into a totalitarian socialist state.

We can no longer afford to be complacent in a false expectation that those in power will honor and keep to their oath of office. We must fight to wrest control of our nation away from the den of vipers in Washington DC. We cannot do it by force of arms, as open rebellion will play right into their arms. We must stand up and become activists for the preservation of the America that was handed us. We must be loud, obnoxious and unyielding with our representatives, or this free nation will be lost and our children will be serfs of a totalitarian socialist State.

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