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Representative Ronald Waters of Pennsylvania is a Democrat serving part Delaware and Philadephia Counties (you know, the ones that voted 100% for Obama in the last election).

This month, he submitted House Bill 521 that has been referred to the Judiciary Committee and is expected to die there. However, it’s still important to point out what this bill does and highlight the gun control schemes being thrown about legislatures around the country.

Waters’ bill would require every person licensed to carry a concealed firearm to purchase and maintain $1 million in “firearm liability insurance.” Anyone not possessing such insurance would be banned from defending themselves with a concealed firearm.

In essence, the bill translates a firearm into a virtually living thing. It is meant to “satisfy any judgment for personal injuries or property damages arising out of NEGLIGENT OR WILLFUL ACTS INVOLVING USE OF AN INSURED FIREARM,” emphasis mine. Interestingly, however, the insurance CANNOT cover unlawful acts. So, if your gun is stolen and used in a crime, your insurance won’t help you I guess.

So, supposing this were the law of the land in Pennsylvania, if I use my insured gun in a “willful” and presumably lawful act, what do I need insurance for? Negligence is obvious, but the rest makes no sense.

Under the bill, any law enforcement officer may conduct an “inspection” of the firearm and insurance policy to ensure it meets the law. If it does not, or the individual doesn’t have the required insurance, the officer is required to immediately CONFISCATE the firearm until the owner provides proof of insurance. He then has ten days to obtain that insurance or his concealed carry license will be revoked.

Theoretically, once the license is revoked the agency is required to return the firearm to the owner and inform him that he may no longer carry in public. He will then be forced to pay a $1,000 fine. A second offense would result in a $5,000 fine. And, if you’re unlucky enough to get caught a third time, you will be charged with a 3rd degree misdemeanor and subject to a $10,000 fine. Each offense after that is a 2nd degree misdemeanor and $15,000 fine.

All this just for the right to exercise your constitutionally guaranteed right to self-protection.

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