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Tragedies often bring out the best in people.

Responding to a tweet by author Joyce Carol Oates, actress Marg Helgenberger said “one can only hope” that members of the NRA get shot, Twitchy reported Tuesday.

“If sizable numbers of NRA members become gun-victims themselves, maybe hope for legislation of firearms,” Oates tweeted Friday.

“@JoyceCarolOates One can only hope, but sadly I don’t think anything would change,” the CSI star tweeted in response.

This wasn’t taken particularly well:

“@MargHelgen @JoyceCarolOates are you encouraging violence against those who dare disagree with you?” asked “Jeremy Avery.”

“Congrats for becoming yet another clueless, VIOLENT, liberal ‘elite’ who shoved her foot in her mouth. Shame on you, lady,” added “Conservative Girl.”

A Texas democrat party leader added another sensible contribution to the national discussion:

“Can we now shoot the #NRA and everyone who defends them?”

Of course, when he said “Can we shoot” NRA members he meant no violence.

John Cobaruvvias, the Texas Democratic Party leader who issued a tweet advocating violence against NRA members, told Houston ABC affiliate KTRK Monday that his call to shoot supporters of the pro-gun group was not a death threat.

Cobaruvvias added

“My apologies to those I offended concerning the #nra. My emotions on the subject got the better of me. It didn’t help,” he said.

And later the same day went on to call the NRA a “terrorist” organization.”

More death threats agaisnt the NRA can seen here.

President Barack Obama treaded carefully, but did say

President Barack Obama carefully avoided overtly criticizing the nation’s largest pro-gun lobbying group, the National Rifle Association, on Wednesday, saying only that he hopes the group’s members “will do some self-reflection” following the massacre of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., last Friday. The president made the comments at a press conference announcing a joint task force led by Vice President Joe Biden to consider ways to reduce gun violence.

So what are liberals are demanding? Three things, for starters:

Today he said he expected Congress to vote on at least three pieces of legislation: the assault-weapons ban, a ban on high-capacity ammunition clips, and background checks on all gun purchases. Public opinion supports all of these measures, and the president made clear he intends to use his office to fight for their passage.

None of them would have prevented the Newtown massacre. Adam Lanza had handguns capable of visiting the same destruction as the rifle. Lanza didn’t go to the school to kill as many as he could. He spent 3-11 rounds on each victim- a classic case of overkill. He was a sick kid. A sociopath. He had access to the weapons. He could have killed as many with the handguns in his possession and all he had to do was carry several extra loaded magazines. He could have shot his way into school.

I am not arguing against reasonable gun laws. I do think it ought to be at least as hard to buy a gun as it is to get a driver’s license. Background checks are a really good and important idea- including examination of the mental health of family members.

“Is there anyone in your household with a history of mental illness?”

Still, this is left wing pablum that’s meant to sooth the masses. Doing something-anything, even something foolish or useless- will satiate the left.

And these laws would not have prevented the massacre. Adam Lanza meant to kill- his Mom and those he believed his Mom loved more than him.

Those kids are dead because Nancy Lanza waited too long to do anything about Adam. Those kids are dead because she did not properly secure those weapons.

Those are the two actions that could have prevented the Newtown disaster.

It is monumentally stupid to blame the NRA for this shooting and even more stupid to call for more violence.

The NRA is all about the responsible handling of weapons. They don’t commit these crimes. They don’t make them possible either. But what liberals are doing is causing the ranks of the NRA to swell:

The National Rifle Association, while staying mostly quiet in the immediate aftermath of the mass shooting in Connecticut, has registered an average of 8,000 new members a day since the tragedy, an NRA source told Fox News.

Take that, Marg.

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