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I can say without a doubt that my past is loaded with youthful indiscretions followed by a condensation trail of beer cans and cigarette butts as I rocketed into my forties. To say I speak with sympathetic experience when it comes to matters of drunken idiocy would be an understatement. With that being said….

What the hell is this little Debbie Wasserman Schultz protégée thinking?

Adam Kredo of The Washington Free Beacon has an article with screen captures depicting one Dani Gilbert, a staffer of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, referring to herself as a “Jewbag” and a proud member of “Jew cash money team.” Pictures of her and her giggly gaggle of Jew money getters adorned her Facebook page until just recently.

Embarrassing to say the least, but it even gets better.

To hell you say!

Prepare yourself for the sweet irony that almost always follows a democrat though life like the flowery stench heavily applied deodorant meant to mask the fact one hasn’t showered recently.

According to Ms. Gilbert’s Twitter feed she recently landed a gig as a Democratic National Committee’s Jewish outreach liaison.

You can keep blinking and rubbing your eyes. The words will not change; you did read that correctly.

The question is what exactly is her official title? Jewbagger? Democratic National Committees Jew Cash Money Getter? Giggle , giggle.

For most of us this is nothing but a long bored yawn. We have become so used to the contradictions, flaming hypocrisy, and haughty snobbery of the Democrat Party that this really is nothing new. The one perplexing thing about this is the continued examples of our so-called best and brightest that gravitate to Washington D.C are still posting their shenanigans and exploits for the world to read and screen capture. The tried and true philosophy of learn from someone else’s mistakes does not penetrate the beltway it seems. Though it must be said this is not a recent phenomenon. It’s more a tradition in Washington D.C. then it is a perceived problem to our elected officials. A heirloom of ignorance passed down from elected official to staffers and interns. Oh the joy!

Before I close I do have one suggestion. One of the pictures shown in the article posted about Ms. Gilbert is a table full of assorted condoms. Gilbert should contact Sandra Fluke and advised her where she got her stash from. Or at the very least she could loan her a few.

Her parents must be so proud.

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