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There are times when the best thing to do is contract.  This is not the time to be playing foreign policy Shoots & Ladders or dice games of Risk because intelligent draconian measures may be needed to secure strategic plans and planning.  The first thing needed is to accept that this country is coveted and most desirable so being the ultimate jewel in the crown we are Target #1.  This is more than a matter of real estate, if China was America while America was China then that Asian nation would have thrived and prospered many centuries ago but instead China has a history of being bogged down in medieval monarchy and feudal insular hegemony.  Those who covet this land know little of its meaning because none can covet the liberty that they wish to destroy.  All strategy is made up of right-left, up-down, or in-out decisions so goes our determinants now.  Many people openly fear war because they feel that war is in the air.  Look to the truth and recognize our enemies want to spread the eagle more and more apart until it further and further breaks.

They all admit the bird can still fly but only a fool cannot hear the catcall of wagers as the bets are being laid down that it will fail.

Students of the Second World War see the lines of conflict clearly yet today’s asymmetrical battlefields meet with bewilderment and confusion.  Pentagon theorists contend that there is no going back to the old way of conflict resolution measuring national security and strategy by geographical terms of here versus there.  They argue that every strategic move creates a vacuum and void which will be filled causing global shift of resources with increased vulnerability.  Strategists constantly warn against siege warfare citing that siege eventually results in starvation and surrender; but, in contrast, to contract resources and build strength would not submit the United States to siege or starvation because instead it would give us pause to exercise our options of strategic redeployment thus offering
us better positions and greater strengths.

Events and tragedies happen and come, but very few, deserve our immediate or pending attention.  Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions occur with devastating results and building goodwill earns many respects but the quid pro quo of international affairs must match reason.  No one wants war because it is pure folly on a monumental scale but if it to be now tis not to come or if it be not to come it will be now because it is not to come then no man aught he leaves knows what tis best to leave this to time.

So it goes with the outlook regarding Islam as we take a position naked and waiting.  There is something seriously wrong there so perhaps putting asymmetrical planning aside would better describe how to adjust to the threat.  If it is to be now then this nation’s porous boundaries must be recognized and secured.   This must never be a matter of xenophobic isolationism but instead be a matter of national identification.  Accountability is just that by the recognition that all present must have a share of the national responsibility.  Islam seems to be at odds with that.  Koranic teachings put their shared responsibilities to their god figure ahead and over that of their community and protection of this nation.  Americans will fight to their deaths to protect all religious freedoms but will do so
without subjugation to alien enemy teachings proffered by Islam.  There is a point in our civility where tolerance and goodwill breaks.

In this free society a person wearing a cross or Star of David should be just as welcome inside a mosque as a Muslim with Qu’ran would be visiting a church.   If concentration camps are too draconian a measure for the faint at heart then perhaps the establishment of Islamic colonies located at safe secured locations would better fit the squeamish; because, if it not to come it will be now.  Islam covers a vast territorial mass where many Islamists continue, even as modern life surrounds them, to culturally live in the eighth century.  Ironically, in spite of all modern conveniences, their ethereal needs remain locked in revenge filled ancient hatreds.  Nothing shows this more than the treatment of women and the systematic usage of procreation as a demographic strategic weapon.  That means that here lines must be drawn and adhered to where such behaviors are to be refused.  The numbers of Islamic influences in this country are reaching the pivot of no return so the mirror must be looked to and the truth believed. Islam is there and we are here and certain sovereignties must prevail otherwise we have relinquished our nation defenseless.

The up-down of strategic thinking can best be understood as an hourglass with the sands of time dropping from the top to bottom. Without time there is no strategy so everyone needs to check the clock and see where we are now.  Islamists do not like us and the present seems as if nothing will change their attitude.  It is true that Islam has a massive multitude of populations and some even possess the threat of nuclear weapons; but, it is also true, they also are bewitched by arcane ideas and tribal dissolutions because they lack the glue of liberty and freedom.  Strategically, if Islam is forced to live within itself it will eventually devour itself because its directions are constantly within.  If the truth be that we have no friends within Islam then the truth be also be true that Islam has no friends within Islam.  There is nothing there-there because Islam is nothing more than a blob of emotional irrelevances seeking a Great Imam or Mahdi who will unite all their competing factions.  Albeit, the United States may be their Target #1; but, nevertheless, if Islam is told to march they would not know which way to go and eventually collide with themselves.  As it has been said since the times of Lawrence “to control the Bedouin means to control the camel first.”

Intelligently or perhaps by naked ignorance the current policy from Washington seems to be contraction with our military presence being cut back in Iraq; and, after ten long years wasting lives and treasure, from Afghanistan. This conflict versus Islam is coming to a close so now is opportune timing to cut the map to rebuild our strengths on this side of the planet.

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