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The Democrats are banking on the Occupy Wall Street Mob becoming the sacrificial lambs for the reelection of Obama; however, it is patently obvious, they are not capturing public sympathy with their bizarre messages and disgusting lifestyle. Poets rarely write of the beauty of fleas and parasites or those who carry them.

Their efforts are a but forlorn hope for this fall, reality in the form of winter and or disease will kill them, maybe literally and no one will care. The public is more than willing to concede stupidity is its’ own reward; especially, in the “rebel without a cause” syndrome of ignorance.

But be assured, the demonstrations will be reforming in late spring, these may indeed become a threat to freedom and liberty. If Democrat strategists can formulate a working, yet simple reason to riot that all the witless ones can remember, degenerates need little more incentive to gather for drugs, sex, and rock n roll; there will be Hell to pay in the streets, when the weather heats up and the police are sent in to break up the orgies of excess.

These protests have been a half wits’ interpretation of Saul Alynsky’s “Rules For Radicals” and in the haze of lunacy that passes for logic from Nancy Pelosi, it is perceived as a righteous movement and in essence an offshoot of the anti-Viet Nam protests that Pelosi and others cavorted around showing their asses during her youth. The anti-war protests essentially caused the loss of a war to an enemy that was defeated and prepared to throw in the towel. Regrettably, Pelosi and the Socialist bigots she speaks for, see this as a great victory for those who want to transform America into a Socialist State.

Back then, there was a unifying message for those willing to demonstrate and go on a rampage, it generated from a weariness of a war started by JFK. There were also underground leaders, with intelligence, coordinating a unified effort. The degenerates and unrepentant domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and his harpie wife Bernadine Dohrn, friends and neighbors of the Obama family, are examples of this underground leadership; they are not stupid, in fact, they are highly intelligent people and more importantly, they know how to lead incredibly stupid people and direct mobs. Skills and abilities, Pelosi and friends must envy. Unfortunately, for the modern day Socialist protest movement, the people who direct Obama and the leaders like Pelosi have proven themselves to be incredibly inept at leading and directing.

The Democrat Party and their leadership want these people to succeed and have the public fall in love with the nobility of the protests; unfortunately, for the public to embrace the protests, there must be a coherent message and at least a pretension of noble ideas; so far, they merely appear to be self-serving hedonists out for a lark and the possible excitement of heroic civil disobedience, if an opportunity arises.

The public is not as easily manipulated as they were in days of TV, radio, and newspapers. The MSM cannot invent a cause for the malcontents and claim them to be noble. In these modern times, there are too many like Breitbart, Fox, and independents like us, who are willing to wade through the filth and depravity to find the real story. These guys are the true heroes, they are actually protecting the liberty of our country by exposing the degenerates living in squalor and filth while they consume drugs and engage in public sex to keep the momentum alive; rather than allowing the lies and propaganda of the Democrats and their propaganda bureaus know as the MSM to sway public opinion. Otherwise, the pimps and whores of the MSM would be able to convince the public of the humiliation and degradation these saints have suffered while trying to preserve our Constitution and our way of life. In other words they would feed us lies and propaganda and we would believe a lot of it and the police would become the henchmen of corporate greed. The Dems want to develop this scenario, but there are no leaders in the Mass of Morons. Many of those interviewed and can only express hatred of the Jew and other types of bigoted nonsense.

We can rightly criticize Ayers the degenerate and his harpy wife Dohrn, but the truth is they are intelligent people, despicable pieces of human waste, but intelligent; the Sixties had many brilliant people leading the protests and in the center of the action. They knew they were leading mindless misfits, but they were able to manage and manipulate the mobs. If these people are depending on Pelosi and the idiots directing every move of Obama, they are doomed to failure and will continue to be categorized as a mindless mob.

Bloomberg thinks the mob will find leadership and become a political force to be reckoned with, he is willing to gamble his political future on that assumption, but more importantly he is sending a message to New York City and across the country that such mindless mobs are automatically a legitimate force to be taken seriously, regardless of their lack of a message.

Bloomberg and the leadership of the Democrat Party are hoping beyond common sense that the OWS Mob will congeal into an effective antithesis to the TEA Party. There is a real problem with that line of thinking, assuming Bloomberg is even capable of thought. The TEA Party had many brilliant minds forming a unified message a long time before the earliest members walked out on the sidewalk that first time. There was a unifying force, the disgust and revulsion of the corruption and profligacy of Obama and his government.

The TEA Party demonstrators were well disciplined members of mainstream America with a coherent message that resonated with Americans of the heartland; fiscal responsibility has been difficult for the propaganda writers of the MSM and the Democrat party to condemn, but they tried and they are still trying to condemn these people from the heartland who believe in the Constitution.

With quiet dignity and a dedication to the principles of the Constitution, TEA Party members gained the attention and respect from other respectable members of mainstream America. They didn’t walk around in the nude, use sex as artistic and philosophical expression, they didn’t get whacked on drugs; they presented themselves as the type of American that everyday Americans are proud to be identified with.

When spring comes and Obama has impressed America with his military adventurism by starting a new war or two and managed to get many more patriotic Americans killed because he lacks any pretense of diplomacy or leadership, look for the OWS Mob to evolve into a more effective political tool of the Democrat Party. The Democrats know they have a potential for a mindless mob, that is ready to jump into the fray and engage in mindless hedonism for the sake of Obama. Thus if the Keystone Cop types in the White House can construct a unified message and plans for the mobs, there will be Hell to pay in the streets next summer. They only want to transform America and using the mob is seen as a tool to be used in the transformation. But a word of caution to the White House, mobs throughout history have often become unruly and sometimes they turn on their handlers for unintended consequences.

The police will be busy next year; they will be dealing with the desperation and frustration of Obama trying to win reelection after four years of failure. Thus the TEA Party and the OWS Mob have arisen from the same primordial ooze and have a similar DNA, they both owe their existence to a failed presidency that has been rejected by mainstream America and the antics of an incompetent president who is desperately running around like the proverbial outhouse rat seeking to renew his lease on the White House.

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