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RINOs Are Herd Animals

How convenient it was for Christie to keep his rather large posterior blocking the view of Republican candidates, while he played his voters and supporters for chumps with his mincing indecision on whether to finally admit he didn’t want to run for the presidency. But for what purpose, the casual observer may ask in bewilderment.

Oh, but the answer is easy and was exposed today: Christie admitted, it was an “easy decision” to endorse Romney. It was an easy decision because it was his intention all along to endorse his fellow RINO.

A candidate who teases the public while playing the coy overly cherubic nymph, who can’t make up her mind to go skinny dipping in the pool of public opinion, will hold the public’s interest much longer than the intellectually honest one who says she is absolutely not swimming in her birthday suit. Thus the indecisive nymph holds the public’s attention with promises of promiscuous and salacious behavior, while she offers glimpses of her abundant fat rolls to entice and keep the libido of the crowd at a fevered pitch.

Alas, she is but a tease, the pachyderm nymph can dance only so long and must walk off stage before boredom begins to set in and the crowd loses interest, but wait the roly-poly nymph has a final offer of advice for those who enjoy being teased and tempted. The nymph stands to announce an endorsement for Romney!

Well dog my cats, who could have seen that one coming. A RINO throwing his considerable weight behind another RINO, what an original concept.

An old political parable says, “Politics makes for strange bedfellows.” I will try to keep from imagining that one, but it is not hard to imagine the AGW, amnesty, and Socialized Healthcare boys throwing themselves in together in showers and on large mattresses. Like in your most vivid imagination, it is not the act itself, but the manner in which it was done; that is what is found to be the most offensive.

Christie had the nerve to say it was “completely intellectually dishonest” to compare Romneycare to Obamacare; actually, it was completely intellectually dishonest for him to lead his supporters along about the possibility of a run, when his intent was too hold the public’s attention for as long as possible, so that Christy’s endorsement of Romney would have the greatest bang for the buck. Like most plans hatched by a literate devious mind that has an inflated opinion of its effectiveness, these well laid plans often reach up and take a bite from the posterior of the perpetrator.

No, Chris Christie, you accomplished nothing with your coyness, except perhaps injury to your own reputation as being a fickle and indecisive politician. You managed only to steal attention from the honest efforts of the real candidates, who are willing to stand in front of the nation and debate the issues and expose their philosophies. These candidates have the courage of their convictions and they are honest in their desire to run for the presidency. You on the other hand have displayed a duplicitous personality and a lack of ethics, along with a healthy measure of this intellectual dishonesty you so disingenuously mentioned. While I have an aversion to the thought of voting for a RINO, I will say that our leading candidates seem to all have ethics, a welcome change from the present administration. It is the lack of ethics that will defeat Obama and I doubt that your dubious endorsement will have a measurable effect on Romney’s poll numbers or on the election; especially, since it is precisely this dishonest approach to politics that has Americans so upset with politicians and particularly, the Obama Administration.

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