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Sometimes it is just a bazaar puzzle when there happens to be a sultry sexy 28 year old soap opera actress from Brazil who caresses and kisses a hairless octogenarian, whom she has been dating for five years, while sunbathing on a secluded beach on the tropical Caribbean island paradise St. Bart’s while they both plan political strategies that attack global warming-climate change at an upcoming UN summit in New York. So instead of smooching grandpa on the cheek this long legged sex bomb is an item of sexual interest that prances about around the world in luxury suite bedrooms with George Soros. The story of Adriana Ferreyr would have remained known only to a privileged few and unreported other than the fact this mega-billionaire hedge fund money manipulator refused to offer up a dime to close on a promised purchase and sale of her “dream house” apartment on the Upper East Side. This guy who could easily afford solid gold tweezers to pluck his tiniest problems stiffed the chick for a measly two million bucks now faces a lawsuit for breach of contract of $50 million big boys including claim that “while still in bed Soros slapped Ferreyr across the face then with his hands around her neck attempted to choke her.”

When you’ve got what women want flaunt it, so despite being uglier than a worn out army boot George has other young women in the same pool swimming to share his many delights. In the fray, he bought the highly desirable apartment but instead of the gal from Brazil he puts a thirty-eight year old pharmacist woman Tamiko Bolden into the crib of champagne and caviar lust filled pleasures. This way George can get extra doses of Cialis at a discount while reporting the pharmacist on the Soros Funds Management payroll so he can deduct her expenses as an employee.

Soros is a coin purse Romeo jingling the silver watching the maids and maidens drop in anticipation that his finger might point to their direction. As it is that is what this 81 year old Lothario does when he pits those two different women in name calling nail scratching hen fight battles monitored only by the building doormen, residents, and people passing by on the street. Deep down in the pocket of his most trusted and comfortable pair of trousers every octogenario needs to have a Little Black Book with the stars, circles and x’ed marked codes.

Managing other people’s money is child’s play compared to managing other people’s females. Certain men do cherish a good feud between the women in his life which adds meaning to the worthy adage “So many women, so little time!”

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