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Apparently, Weiner’s sanctimonious piety and his use of the universal defense of Liberals as a victim is all a ruse. Another woman has come forward with emails and intimate photos from a “consensual online romance”. Is the Wiener done or is he willing to be grilled even more. His buns are being burned as you read these lines. There is only so much heat a Weiner can take.

A new woman has come forward with what she claims are photographs, chats, and emails with Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY). These appear to undermine severely Rep. Weiner’s explanations that he was the victim of a “prank” or a “hack.”

The detailed new information suggests that the Brooklyn- and Queens-based representative and the young woman in question were involved in an online, consensual relationship involving the mutual exchange of intimate photographs. and were approached regarding this information more than a week prior to the separate, independent event of Friday, May 27, 2011, when a link to the now-infamous “gray underwear” photograph appeared publicly on Rep. Weiner’s Twitter feed.

We will be updating and throughout the day with photographs, timelines, and other clarifying details. However, we will not be releasing all of the material because some of it is of an extreme, graphic nature.

It’s a sad statement on American politics when we have our Weiner over the line of public decency and telling lies about it to disguise the Weiner’s indiscretions. We may safely assume that sanctimonious rabble rousing and the banging of pots and pans on the congressional floor does not necessarily indicate a clean Weiner: to the contrary, these media whores who are the most exuberant Weiner wavers and are often involved in the most indelicate Weiner usage.

None the less, he is our Weiner from Queens and he deserves to be judged in the court of public opinion; for no laws have been broken other than the informal laws of human decency and undue Weiner exposure. Sadly, we can say this a sorry about an out of control Weiner.

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