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What began as a mid-winter invitation to enjoy a spring luncheon at the Palace in the merry month of May with the Queen and her royal consort the Duke of Edinburgh turns out to be one of the biggest international fiascos on record. What originally was to be a casual invitation to spend the day and possible stay the night at one of the royal households could have possibly been a judicial means apology for not inviting Obama to the Royal Wedding. This is as if the Queen wanted to give the young presidential couple from the states, new to the complex protocols of international affairs, a second chance to do things right. The royal libraries contain a wealth of information so perhaps the Queen felt an opportune occasion to demonstrate the many stories of heroism on both sides of the conflict that occurred when Obama’s grandfather fought and was jailed by the British during the Mau Mau Wars in Kenya. All that is known next is that High Tea at Balmoral becomes a formal “state visit” with all regalia and full entourage so as to say “Stop the train, Strike up the band, Here they come.”

In an atmosphere of “Cap and Trade” carbon conservation the notion of several jumbo jets crossing the pond for a low profile High Tea with the royals just seems a bit extravagant. So, if possible, to add one and maybe two more stops on the trip would be all the better to explain the purpose of the jaunt to the American People. The itinerary was changed to first land in Ireland and then return from France. Many of those monitoring anything and everything Obama, attempting to get a handle on just who actually is this guy, were taken aback in complete surprise by those revelations that his mother, Stanley Anne Dunham, was found, through extensive background research and investigations, to be somehow a Daughter of Erin. We Irish do know that there are many a parish in many of the small burgs that dot the countryside where Irish heritage is for sale with family crest embossed on “ancient papers” when paid a slight bit-o-quid more. Baptismal records with names and the crests are no problem but baking the paper to the right age period does require special handling. This “State Visit” introduced many Americans to “The Beast”. Few of us realized that our tax dollars invested in a multi-tonnage armor plated stretch limousine so the President and First Lady could safely be transported through the narrow carriage paths of historic Dublin. Many old school diplomats whom stretched their brains in English and many other foreign languages, just to say the proper words when on diplomatic missions at State Department or in corporate business, consider bringing your own set of wheels on a foreign visit to be a blunder. To the Irish People, when riding in an open air horse drawn brougham they would provide full security and protection to the American President and protest, as an insult, to think anything less of them. Strategically, ever since Obama showed his true meaning when speaking at Norte Dame and Georgetown universities, the Irish vote has been intact. The “State Visit” referenced another coincidence, the Republic of Ireland, just the week prior to President Obama's arrival with his several jumbo jets, was visited, for the first time ever, by a reigning monarch when Elizabeth II of the House of Windsor fared mutual greetings and a warm welcome at Leinster House in Dublin. It would be an interesting comparison to learn which clap was loudest.

The visit twisted much of the normality in England, for instance, Question Time To The Prime Minister was delayed and lapsed into the month of June. This is quite unfortunate because Obama, being a common person in the House of Commons, could have learned and experienced much of value when witnessing first hand, in the smell of the thing, the dialogue, rhetoric, and reparte’ where verity rules the government chamber and where direct enquires relative to government policy are asked by members representing various constituencies from all political parties. It would have taken the “Rock Star” image out of his immature “Rock Star” imagery. Instead Obama chose to turn the visit into a selfish self-promotion event that accomplished next to nothing. Obama comes into these things as if he is a scout acquiring weak businesses on the cheap or as a porn star where “Size matters!” The centre of the Union Jack is the Cross of Saint George, a saint that slew the dragon of lies, distortions, and deceit so the British People are very sensitive to falsehoods and will reject any duplicity coming from the mouth of Obama. Still, and forevermore, with all the pompous rhetoric about “diversity”, within this nation, when it comes to the English, the Scots, the Irish “We Are Family” and for Obama to throw his sophomoric racial preferences into the mix will be self defeating because between travel visits to Nairobi Kenya or London England we Americans go to London so if his administration plans are to mark and change that trend by being a big shot bully to our most historic trusted friends then that plan is doomed.

It is one thing for Obama to saber the “value of ideals” but it is just as important that the saber have sheath and an arm with willpower to manage. Idealist thoughts are meaningless and to attempt to solicit support on the international stage futile. Every statesman knows that America is grossly overextended going financially broke and for the President to visit on a “State Visit” a historically structured country like Great Britain when, after ping-pong with the Prime Minister, speaks childish platitudes is an insult to people’s intelligence. The Brits realize the President is scraping for 2012 votes so they ask, ”what is he doing here?” and with the flooding along the Mississippi and the horrid storms throughout the Midwest the visit is bafflement. Nations communicate with each other either by trade or by war which this flight across the pond on, at massive taxpayer’s expense, several jumbo jets never makes clear. As the son of a Kenyan subject to the Crown when he visited Westminster Hall, in the depths of historic British imperialism, Obama displayed, once again, that he does not like the English. Aside all the fluff imagery there is the factor of “America in decline” and the pertinent question “Who’s winning?” which flying around the planet with “The Beast” in the belly of the jumbo jet does not address. Such subterfuge has consequences so when a humorless prig principle takes over the class spit balls start to fly; which, behind the entire charade, is exactly what happened, “By the way Mister President, while you are here in London visiting, could you please pay the six millions five hundred thousands pound automobile usage fees owed and past due by your embassy to the people of the City of London.” (Boris Johnson, Mayor of London)

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