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Netanyahu and Obama, same age, the Lion and the Liar

In a classic example of Socialist Realism, Obama has messed his trousers and now seeks to limit the damage by relying on the old Socialist concept of Ideynost. By definition, all Socialist literature must embody political and social themes that reflect a Progressive nature. Censors and critics will not accept material that is lacking in ideological content; especially, material that reflects negatively on the regime or material that is intended to divert or entertain.

Obama has backed the PLO in its struggle against Israel by demanding that Israel cede its occupied territories to the Palestinians and accept Palestine as a nation. Of course this represents the demands of the PLO, except for the part about cutting the throat of every Jew on the face of the earth. Obama was sly enough not to mention that demand.

The pre-1967 borders would leave Israel vulnerable to annihilation and giving the PLO land in the past only provided them with staging areas to continue their war against Israel.

Netanyahu, one of the world's foremost statesmen, stood in front of congress and offered to give part of the occupied territories to the PLO and to accept the PLO as a nation for peace. The PLO promptly declared Netanyahu's speech an act of war; leaving Obama to look like a fool for representing and lobbying on behalf of the PLO.

Will this be the pin prick that awakens the Jews of America to the fact that is so obvious to the rest of the world, that Obama only wants their vote before he sells them out to the Islamic Fanatics.

Obama is on the ropes and staggering, by showing his hand with his sympathy for the PLO, he is in danger of losing the Jewish vote in Florida and Ohio. He can't win without the votes of the people he wants to throw to the wolves in the Middle East.

His answer, limit Free Speech by crushing all negative reporting on the internet and by having Debbie Wasserman-Schultz the DNC chair make an appeal at the AIPAC that Republicans would not use the Jewish / PLO conflict as a campaign issue. These are pathetic attempts to hide the mess and staunch the hemorrhaging of support for Obama, desperate measures by a desperate man.

In the mean time, as tens of thousands are homeless in the rain in Joplin, the president assures the horribly injured and those who have been devastated by catastrophe, that he is “Here” for them, “Here” meaning he is in Buckingham Palace having Tea and Crumpets with the Queen. Don't worry those who may still be alive under the rubble and dying from exposure, President Obama will be back on Sunday to see what can be done.

Yes, the world is a euphemism for Obama. He calls the most draconian assault ever waged against our First Amendment, a position that in the Socialist tradition of Socialist Realism, the Director of Progressive Media & Online Response, and we are all supposed to dance around the May pole and celebrate the wisdom of having a close associate of the president responsible for crushing all negativity on the internet. One of his Useful Idiots asks that Republicans not use one of the most blatant examples of the president's anti-Semitism as a campaign issue. The president also can't be bothered with the plight of a whole city in disaster mode when he is living it up on vacation and trying to score points among the same people he has dissed for two and a half years.

Yes indeed, the president has fallen down the Out House Hole and he is trying to convince everyone he still smells like a rose, a rose by any other name, maybe.

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