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I once thought I could run twenty miles an hour.

I was fast. I could outrun my mongrel dog; he was about fifteen pounds and fifteen inches high.

I thought I was something.

What I really was was twelve years old.

That was the year my grandfather let me use his single shot 12ga shotgun.

The first thing I shot at was a bird in a bush.

After shooting at the bird, there was a hole in the bush and no sign of the bird.

I continued my “great white hunter” odyssey looking for something to shoot.

I found a red ant hill.

If you are not from the plains of Oklahoma or Texas, you may not be familiar with the red ant. Count your blessings. The red ant is one of the large ants. It can sting really hard and it hurts like hell.

So I shot this red ant hill, the ants went everywhere, including all over me.

I have never been “red ant” hunting again.

Modification of last statement: I have poured gasoline on red ant hills, tossed a match and ran like hell.

Red ants are not a good thing.

Once in a while we learn things.

I have learned that what you think you can do is sometimes just that; what you think you can do.

Sometimes what we believe has no connection to the truth.

On the way back from the ranch one day, we needed to stop and pick up a tractor that was still in the field.

The old Dodge truck we had did not have any doors, so I said “just slow down and I will jump out and get the tractor and take it back to the house”. Boy was I fast, I could out run the others, and I knew I could do this. Our speedometer did not work so no one knows how fast we were going. I jumped out, hit the ground running, but the ground hit back and I did about five somersaults (felt like five hundred). I limped to the tractor, took it home, and wondered why I was still alive.

I once heard kids are made of rubber; maybe that is true.

That was a lesson in relative motion.

Here is another.

If you are driving at a speed of thirty miles per hour and you hit a parked car your relative motion is thirty miles per hour. You will have damage to both cars.

If you are driving at sixty miles per hour and you hit a car that is going 30 miles per hour, in the same direction, the difference in the speed of the two cars is your relative motion; thirty miles per hour. It would cause the same damage as hitting the parked car at thirty miles per hour. BUT, and it is a big but, you are both still moving, you less than sixty and the other car more than thirty, you are both out of control and most likely still in traffic. There may be multiple collisions, causing more damage to you, the car you hit, and other cars.

The safest speed in traffic is the speed that the traffic is going. Two cars going the same direction at the same speed do not have any relative motion.

What people these days call “on ramps” and “off ramps” were originally known as “acceleration ramps” and “deceleration ramps”. They were designed to give you room to match the speed of the traffic you were joining, so you could merge easily, like the gears meshing in machinery. I cringe, and worry, when the car in front of me, driver on a cell phone, speeds down an acceleration ramp at the breakneck speed of maybe thirty five while the traffic they are joining is doing sixty five plus.

They have no clue of relative motion, kinetic energy, or what it takes to stop a mass in motion.

Kinetic energy: a mass in motion will continue to move unless acted upon by an outside force.

If you are driving at sixty miles per hour on a level road and you shift your car to neutral you will coast until the friction of your transmission, bearings, and tires eventually stops your car. The heavier the car the further it will coast because there is more mass resulting in more kinetic energy, the larger mass needs more force to stop.

Any vehicle needs very good brakes, and tires with very good traction, for maximum stopping ability.

Stopping can be more important than going.

For a scary number of drivers, traction is a word in some dictionary somewhere that they have not read. The effects of rain, snow, ice, or even gravel, on a road surface is a lesson in some science class that was not required for graduation from their underwater basket weaving course. They are going into social “sciences”. No connection to reality required. They treat all roads the same. They do drive slower in light fog, with visibility about a half mile, than they do on ice, snow, or in the rain.

Consider the total mass of a freight train with two diesel electric locomotives and one hundred cars.

“It’s hard to stop a Trane”. That is the advertising slogan of the Trane Company, makers of air conditioning systems.

They are very correct; it is HARD to stop a train.

The diesel electric locomotives of a train are not able to stop a train with hundred cars. The brakes and the traction of the wheels of the locomotive are simply not enough. That is why every car in a train has their own brakes. The brakes on each car are controlled by air pressure from the locomotive. Until the individual cars put on their brakes, nothing much will change and the train will barely even slow down.

If the compressed air line from the engine to the cars losses pressure the brakes on the cars are engaged; if the compressed air line completely losses pressure the cars go into emergency braking mode.

With all of the brakes on the cars applied, the locomotives do not have enough power and traction to move the train.

Stopping the coming government train wreck

The economic and social disasters obama and the rest of the Socialist/Marxists have created is like a train with fifty cars (states) headed for a cliff. It has a lot of kinetic energy and will be hard to stop.

We must put on the brakes in all of the states, we must do it now, and we must use the emergency brakes.

We need to tell everyone we can what has already happened, what is happening, and what is coming.

Here are some of the “cars” on this train.

Massive inflation, increased spending, still more unemployment, more and higher taxes, poor to no health care, death panels (IPAB), major losses of freedom, restricted ability to travel or even move (Boeing’s move to SC is being blocked), no freedom of speech, massive escalation of violence, people ignoring laws (obama and his bunch do), further restrictions on domestic energy, weakening and handicapping our military, exposing defense abilities, blocking our border guards, legalizing the illegal, supporting drug cartels, alienating our allies, encouraging our enemies, ignoring our constitution, interfering in the market place, nationalizing private businesses, propagandizing our schools, invading our privacy, controlling the news, blocking religions (except muslim), encouraging racism, creating class warfare, promoting gay and lesbian over heterosexual lifestyles, breaking up the conventional family, unequal enforcement of laws, continuing destruction of the housing market, taking of retirement programs (401k etc.), controlling banks, forcing alternative “green” energy, taking our guns, controlling what you eat, controlling what light bulb you can use, seizing land for national “environmental” (stopping drilling) preserves, controlling the internet, destroying the secret ballot, (that is 42 “cars” on this train…how many can you add?).

The Main Stream Media is willingly complicit on these issues, and even intentionally suppresses the truth about them by not reporting the truth. They lie by omission, distortion, partial reporting, distractions, and out of context sound bites. The reporters and the people that work for these liars do not realize that they will also be affected by the outcome of this mess. They deserve what they are going to get; too bad the rest of us will get it too.

We have to be the ones who get out the truth.

We must become VERY vocal and prominent.

We have to be seen and heard daily, everywhere, and often.

Being a “silent majority” and dragging our feet will not stop this train.

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