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The Japanese version of the inflatable Obama sex doll.

An example of how out of control the Obama Myth has become, but like the sex doll, the real Obama is full of hot air and almost nothing else.

It’s for sure the White House is appalled that we question the integrity and honesty of a president who keeps his past an enigma, like a criminal with a murky past. Some of us want to see the actual birth certificate with all the revealing details, the same one Hillary wanted to see during the primary campaign. Some of us wonder how a lackluster student managed to drift from an also ran college (Occidental) for affluent college kids who can’t hack it in competitive Universities, to a well respected University like Columbia. A place where no one remembers the scholar Obama and his magnificent intellect. He is then thrust into Harvard Law School and on to the Harvard Law Review without writing any papers. He was then appointed to be the Editor of the Harvard Law Review; again he managed this by keeping his stellar performance under wraps, perhaps to avoid embarrassing the law students and professors with his brilliance. Still today, we wait for some evidence of this magna cum laude intellect to make itself known.

But wait! He worked as a community agitator or is that agonizer. Unfortunately, the organization he worked for and managed to funnels billions to, Acorn, was only too happy to oblige a pimp on how to set up a brothel for under age illegal aliens working as prostitutes, not just at one office, but at a number of offices. Now what exactly are the duties of a Community Agitator?

What about you, Ed, are you appalled?

Yes it’s true, the University of Chicago was told to provide him an office and a gig as a guest lecturer, after denying him the position earlier; a guest lecturer is like a guest janitor, occasionally you need them, except the guest janitor position is far more important.

The people who are appalled at the requests for documentation are the ones who work in the West Wing of the White House: the rest of us are appalled that he won’t provide the documentation and the fact that we have been victims of the greatest con job in the history of the world.

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