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Events in the world are spinning Barack Obama around like a top. Barack Obama is ill-suited to be the President of the United States. His worldly sense is really only that of a Chicago mayor, but what Obama really should have been was the Secretary General of the UN. There he could pontificate, bluster, moralize and agonize all without meaning or intent. He could carry on the UN legacy of uselessness and failure and likely scoop up another Nobel Peace Prize for achieving nothing, to bookend his first Nobel Peace Prize for achieving nothing.

I have been to Israel five times and each visit remains a fond memory. Today I spoke with a friend from Israel. He is totally disgusted with Obama. He noted that one day Obama supported Mubarak and the next day told Mubarak to leave. I said that I was quite concerned about Israel’s safety but my friend is confident in Israel’s ability to defend itself. However, he knows as well as many of us that sooner or later someone is going to have to decapitate the nuclear monster in Iran. We all know that Barack Obama will neither come to the defense of Israel nor act on Iran. Barack Obama is a political eunuch. World events cry for leadership and Barack Obama wails about collective bargaining, all the while interfering in a state issue in which he has no business. Obama’s response to the crisis in Libya is to fire up a Motown party in White House.

When the protests for democracy arose in Iran Barack Obama dithered. He uttered some nonsense about standing with those seeking democracy

“And we stand behind those who are seeking justice in a peaceful way.”

The problem is that Barack Obama gives disingenuous a bad name. He is an execrable liar. When he could have done the most good for those seeking change in Iran, he voted present.

Amid allegations of fraud in the recent Iranian elections, Republicans are criticizing President Obama for not personally addressing violence against the protesters demonstrating on behalf of opposition leader Mir Hossein Moussavi.

When uprisings took place in Egypt, he voted present.

When bloodshed takes place in Libya, Obama voted present.

Energy prices are skyrocketing and Barack Obama has diminished our domestic energy supply and made us even more dependent on foreign oil. He has shut off new searches for oil in the Gulf of Mexico and has curtailed several functional rigs. The Obama administration has been ordered to resume the granting of oil drilling permits but has not done so and has even been found in contempt, not that that matters. As noted here, Barack Obama picks and choose what laws he wants to uphold and screw the rest.

Meanwhile, pretty much everyone in the world is drilling in the Gulf except for the United States and at the same time the United States is financing drilling in the Gulf by Petrobas of Brazil.

Obama submitted a budget he knows fully well will put this country on a course to oblivion.

It seems that union leaders are the shadow Presidents of the US and Obama has taken to meeting with lobbyists in secret places so we cannot know who owns Obama at the moment.

I listen to people tell me how much Obama cares and how he really wants what’s best for the US.

Not. Buying. It.

He is either a blithering idiot

or he is trying to destroy this country.

One thing is sure: his messianic hubris is killing us. If he was proven to be the Manchurian President I doubt he could visit more damage on us.

One wonders whether Obama would support a peaceful change of leadership here in the United States. I am ready for change.


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