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Unscripted Questions And No Teleprompter Cause Our President To Look Befuddled

North Korea assaults South Korea with an artillery barrage; Obama frets over the Six Part Talks and figures we shouldn’t reward bad behavior with money.

But we should feel confident that the President’s closest advisers are more than capable to handle any emergency while the Chief struggles with indecision. Here we have some of the president’s own.

National Security Adviser Tom Donilon: He just rose to his current post in October, replacing Jim Jones. Prior to his tenure in the Obama administration, Donilon was chiefly … a Democratic operative. And a lobbyist for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, for six years. Aren’t you glad a Fan-Fred lobbyist is advising POTUS on dealing with the wildly unpredictable, violent, and dangerous Kim family in North Korea?

Vice President Biden’s National Security Adviser Tony Blinken: Blinken’s national security resume is arguably a little stronger than Donilon’s, having worked around the national security apparatus a bit more than Donilon has. On the other hand, VP Biden calls Blinken “one of the smartest guys I’ve ever worked with,” (coming from the man who opposed the surge and wanted to divide Iraq into three separate states and leave them for Iran’s pickings, that’s quite a statement!) and he has the unabashed endorsement of violent-fantasy prone rabid left-wing blogger Spencer Ackerman, who calls Blinken an “energetic progressive.” Seriously.

Senior White House Coordinator for Weapons of Mass Destruction, Counterterrorism and Arms Control Gary Samore: Among the chief architects of the controversial START treaty, which, according to its opponents like the Heritage Foundation, is tipped to heavily favor the Russians against U.S. interests. Samore also does a good job of misunderstanding the roots of strife in the Middle East. Hint: Arab states attacked tiny and barely armed Israel repeatedly before “arms control” was even a glimmer in Nixon’s eye.

US Ambassador to the United Nations Dr. Susan Rice: Where to start? How about Rwanda. Rice was in the Clinton administration’s State Department when that genocide occurred. She reportedly learned a lesson from that, which was that the U.S. should have intervened. But for some reason that same lesson didn’t apply to Iraq, where the U.S. had actual security interests at stake and from which Saddam Hussein threatened the region and the world. She appears to be one of a long line of “progressives” who advocate for U.S. involvement in international crises in inverse proportion to our national security interests that might be at stake (such thinking elevates Darfur above, say, Iraq). She was John Kerry’s senior foreign policy adviser during his 2004 run for the presidency.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: She boasts an undeserved reputation for international competence; her tenure at State got off to a rocky start with the Russian “reset” faux pas (which was an attempt to placate KGB man Vlad Putin & Co by taking a cheap shot at former President Bush while she was on foreign soil) and has only gotten smoother in direct proportion to her silence. That’s because like her boss, when she does speak, she tends to go around making apologies for the very nation whose interests she is supposed to represent.

We have nothing to fear, President Obama is confident that he can charm and win over our antagonists with campaign speeches and apologies for America’s transgressions in the past. He just needs to recapture the mesmerizing charm and momentum of the 08 election.

If all else fails, we have our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who not only had Saul Alynsky as a mentor, but was married to a president.

There are three basic ways we can look at this latest incident, we can ignore it and hope it goes away, we can have confidence in our administration, or we can be fearful. It is hard to have confidence in the man shown in the above video. Our best option is to hope we survive the next two years and destroy the Democrat party in the next election, excluding California of course.

America’s presence in the world is being diminished by the president’s flaccid and impotent responses to provocation. Aggressors are emboldened when hostile overtures are met with an outstretched hand and ingenuous threats of sanctions. The US was once a great nation; however, such notions are forgotten by enemies and allies, when our leader’s implied mantra is, ‘we capitulate so that we may exist in peace’.

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