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I am a California conservative. Believe it or not, there are a lot of us, especially in the rural outreaches of this beautiful state. But somehow California was immune from the conservative electoral sweep of the mid-term elections. Granted, we didn’t have true conservative contenders for governor, or for the Senator “Don’t Call Me Ma’am” spots. In fact, in spite of the fact that Meg Whitman was the founder and CEO of E-Bay, she was also a former devotee of Van Jones. Yikes!! I also think she ran a weak campaign. The story about the illegal alien housekeeper, who was miraculously represented by former Brown supporter and blood sucker Gloria All-Red, for “back wages” (chortle), was a deliberate opportunistic attack by Jerry Brown. Meg’s golden opportunity to fire back came when the recently “discovered” video of Brown emerged, admitting he lied and made sh*t up and had no plan the first time he ran for governor. Meg did use that clip in one of her commercials, but people STILL voted for him!! Why didn’t she run that ad every 5 minutes for the last 3-4 days of her campaign?? Her funds seemed bottomless, and this was one effective snapshot of who Jerry Brown really was.

And then there was the challenger to Senator “Don’t Call Me Ma’am”, Carly Fiorina. Former CEO and destroyer of the once incredibly great Hewlett Packard, who by the way has been my employer for the past 16 years. Yes, I survived the Carly years. I have many reasons to hate her. She was a train wreck for HP. And yet I still voted for her, to be clear, because I felt that I HAD TO vote against Babs. Again, Carly is not a true conservative, and I suspect is a RINO to the core in the vein of John McCain.

Getting back to the Governator… Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected after the very liberal Gray Davis, former Chief of Staff of, you guessed it, Gov Jerry Brown, was recalled out of office for totally screwing up. In particular, he cost Californians untold millions due to the “energy crisis” that was mostly contrived to bilk us taxpayers. Rolling brown-outs were tossed in, even in winter months, to try to convince us of the seriousness of the whole debacle. So Arnold comes riding in on his white horse, never mind that he had no experience. He was the bad-ass of Hollywood fame who was here to save the day. “I don’t need the money” he said, “so I won’t be beholden to any special interests”. Yes, we thought, we like this!! So Arnold gets elected and almost immediately takes a hard left turn. Well duh, he’s married to a Kennedy!!

Fast forward to November 2nd, 2010. Arnold defined RINO-ism. Meg was just about a carbon copy. Jerry Brown had name recognition, many voters were too young to remember his record, or were new to the state, or were voting illegally, or, my personal favorite, were part of the union machine that Jerry Brown himself created when he allowed the Public Sector to unionize!! Wow! The perfect storm.

So when I hear these morons in the Republican party talk about being more “centrist” and “moderate” I say SCREW YOU!! Look what your RINO-ness has cost us!! And not just in California. True conservatism is the only way. When this once great state crashes and burns into insolvency, which will probably be in 2011, then MAYBE people in this state will get a clue and vote accordingly. After all, even here, we have some strong Tea Party activists. But, the recipient class is fast out numbering the provider class here in California. We have something like 32% of the entire country’s welfare recipients. And Jerry Brown is all for amnesty and open borders and in spite of our tremendous budget deficits, wants to give illegals free college educations!! And Governor Moonbeam wants lots of “green” jobs. He strongly supports AB32 which is California’s version of Cap and Trade, due to go into effect in 2011. AB32 and Jerry Brown will be the death nell of this state. It is time to seriously think about voting with our feet. Texas is looking good to me.

Thanks for the legacy your RINO-ness. NOT!!!

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