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I’ll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up
Not me,
Not I,
Not me!
So there!
Never gonna be a man,
I won’t!
Like to see somebody try
And make me.
Anyone who wants to try
And make me turn into a man,
Catch me if you can.
I won’t grow up.
Not a penny will I pinch.
I will never grow a mustache,
Or a fraction of an inch.
‘Cause growing up is awfuller
Than all the awful things that ever were.
I’ll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up,
No sir,
Not I,
Not me,
So there!

Barack Obama further diluted the currency of the office of the President of the United States by appearing on Jon Stewart’s show. Not even attempting to maintain a sense of dignity for the office, Obama eschewed formality by not even wearing a tie. He made clear than Stewart was easily his equal.

Scott Johnson at Powerline:

Obama became a laughingstock as Stewart played on the distance between the fantasy of Obama’s messianic campaign rhetoric and the reality of Obama in power. This could be potent stuff if you bought the messianic rhetoric, and it should certainly be the grist for all-American comedy that cuts a pretentious politician down to size.

If Stewart and his audience bought Obama’s messianic campaign shtick, however, they might want to get a clue and grow up. Coming at Obama from the left, Stewart et al. aren’t inclined to meditate on the limits of politics. They prefer to take their disillusionment as a sign of their superiority.

Did you really believe that Obama’s ascent was the moment that the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal? Did he let you down? Obama was taking advantage of your credulity, dude. Deal with it.

John Podhoretz:

When an authority figure no longer radiates authority, he is no longer feared (see Machiavelli on the utility of causing fear as a means of exerting political will). Today’s unauthoritative authority figure might intimidate the people closest to him no less than an authority figure of an earlier age did. But in a democracy, an authority figure achieves dominion when the people invest him with that power. The affectation of egalitarian informality breaks down that authority bit by bit until it crumbles.

I watched this encounter, and it came to me that I was watching a meeting of the Peter Pan division of the Hypocrite Millionaire’s club.

And they won’t grow up.

The members of this club include or did include Obama, Ted Kennedy, Herb Kohl, John Kerry and Jay Rockefeller.

And Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

All these men are worth millions. Kennedy, Kohl and Rockefeller inherited their money.

Kerry married his.

Obama had his money funneled to him through curious land deals, his books and the jobs that were created for Michelle and not necessary once she left them.

Stewart and Colbert amassed their fortunes filling the mushy heads of young liberals with drivel. Stewart is reportedly worth $100 million. Colbert is reportedly worth about $45 million. I found those numbers astonishing. Keeping young people from growing up pays really well. Although these two would have you believe that they are libertarians, they cater primarily to a younger, liberal and mindless crowd.

Ironically, Stewart actually made some good points during a critique of Obama in June. Stewart noted Obama’s failure to deliver many of the key promises made during Obama’s campaign including closing of Gitmo, restoring habeas corpus and ending rendition.

“And no to wireless wiretaps.”

And the young mindless liberals applauded enthusiastically. Peter Pan Obama has learned a few things about the real world since then. If you’d like to see a truly naive amateur in action watch the entire interview here. The Stewart clip occurs at about 31:30 in the Schmidt interview. And don’t miss when Obama says

“Guantanamo? That’s easy.”

Side note: The interview is conducted by Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Google pays a whopping 2.4% in taxes each year.

Stewart noted that Obama not only continues to implement Bush’s policies, but has expanded them.

But all of this went down the memory hole when Stewart actually came face to face with Obama. He won’t grow up.

Obama is now worth about $10 million.

One wonders- why?

Why is Barack Obama worth $10 million? This is the guy who wanted spread around the money of Joe the Plumber, who probably makes less than $50,000 a year.

“I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

Said Obama.

Obama is worth $10 million, He doesn’t spread his money around. He won’t need another penny as long as he lives but he is not spreading around what he has now.


Stewart doesn’t spread his around. Neither does Colbert. Or Kerry. Or Kohl. Or Rockefeller. But they will spread your money around.

They won’t grow up.

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