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Groups Protest Billboards, They Discourage Voter Fraud And Keep Illegal Aliens From Voting

I picked up this idea from Roger Simon at Pajama Media, but I doubt that he will be concerned. It is time for all the Conservative voters at FA to observe and record with video cameras or even phone video cams, any voter fraud or irregularities at polling stations across the US.

There are a few things to think about before electing to do this covert duty: be familiar with your camera and its functions, (opportunities are often missed because of fumbling at the last second); be familiar with the rules and laws in your state concerning cameras and acting as a casual observer at a polling station; a good way to be close to everything is to volunteer at your local polling station; if you are accosted or attacked, use the Ghandi method of no resistance, at least up to a point (it holds up better in court). Most punches do more damage to the pride than to the body.

If you get some original footage of voting irregularities, Curt or someone will get it up and on the web for the world to see and read about, you will be famous for a few minutes.

Use your head, there will be union goons and Acorn Thugs out there, don’t get hurt or in trouble. Those guys are looking for any excuse to unleash their psychopathic rage on a person whom they see as an enemy and remember they have President Obama and Attorney General Holder backing their illegal actions and fits of rage with freedom from prosecution for minorities and union members.

Readers should offer their ideas and plans for election day in the comment section, information on spy cameras and techniques will be of special interest. Happy hunting!

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