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It’s A Short Trip For Both Of Them

At the dubious meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative that conveniently just happens to coincide with a high-level United Nations summit this week, the theme of fighting Global Climate Change was stressed at both meetings to increase pressure on the United States to Redistribute Wealth among the poorer leaders of Third World nations.

The catastrophic floods in Pakistan and the melting Himalayan Glacier myth along with the fear of rising sea levels, a lie that stays alive by repetition, was stressed by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasnia of Bangledesh.

“Climate change is a reality,” said Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wazed at a side event of the Millennium Development Goals Summit, which concludes Wednesday. “We in South Asia know it through experience. The onslaught of natural disasters has increased in frequency and ferocity in our region. Moreover, the abnormal, rapid melting of the Himalayan glaciers and the rise of sea level portends cataclysmic consequences.”

The factors that make Third World nations more vulnerable to the Hoax of Global Climate Change and the Redistribution of Wealth Scams that accompany its solutions are of course endemic of Third World poverty and corruption of their ruling Elites.

high poverty rates; high reliance on industries like fishing that are vulnerable to changing sea levels and more powerful storms; already existing stresses on health and well-being, like HIV and illiteracy; poor economic and social infrastructure in many places; and a lack of technology and resources that make adaptation more difficult.

Though less developed countries are low contributors to global warming, they are often the first to feel its effects through natural disasters like hurricanes, droughts, and floods. Agricultural production can be harmed and vector- borne diseases like malaria and dengue can increase as the climate changes.

“Climate change is imposing additional burdens on the world’s poorest and most vulnerable and threatens to reverse hard-won development gains,” said Helen Clark, head of the U.N. Development Programme. Natural disasters halt the progress that must be made to achieve the MDGs by 2015, she stressed.

Delegates discussed ways to mitigate future problems. Clark emphasised the importance of investing in disaster risk reduction and preparedness, which costs less and saves more lives than waiting until a natural disaster has struck. South Asian countries are currently working together to establish a regional system for early warnings and risk management.

Delegates stressed the importance of support by the international community, by financing (Money) and technology transfer.

The Maldives has pledged to become carbon neutral in ten years to show their support for the idea of getting funds from the industrialized world or the US.

Delegates have expressed their disappointment at the failure of a binding treaty on Climate Change last year in Copenhagen, they plan to bring their ideas on Wealth Redistribution as it relates to Climate Change to the U.N. Climate Change Conference to be held in Cancun later this year.

The Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs Patricia Espinosa stressed the need of developed countries to display the same devotion to International Socialism and concern for the environment as Mexico, citing that Third World Nations cannot wait for solutions from experts, it is necessary to make real changes now, “This is a political matter that goes to the heart of the way our societies are organised.” Of course she was implying an International Socialism with the governance of Elites, who can best control resources and the money of the world.

At the Clinton get together, Hillary unveiled her own plan to save the planet,

The goals of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves are multi-tiered. “First, a major applied research and development effort to improve design, lower costs and develop global industry standards for cookstoves”, Clinton said. “Second, a broad-based campaign to create a commercial market for clean stoves, including reducing trade barriers, promoting consumer awareness and boosting access to large scale carbon financing.”

The U.S. is to fund $50 million over five years to provide clean cooking stoves to developing countries. Clinton says it’s in order to reduce deaths from smoke inhalation and fight climate change.

Led by the United Nations Foundation, the alliance aims to have 100 million homes using clean stoves and fuels by 2020. “Our long term goal is to have universal adoption all over the world,” said Clinton.

The new alliance gathers U.S. government agencies with the United Nations Foundation, Germany, Norway, Peru the World Health Organization and corporate backers including Morgan Stanley and Shell.

The last time Hillary pushed for industry standards, we ended up with the funny shaped light bulbs that create a toxic nightmare if broken and lost thousands of US jobs overseas, but it had very little effect on the Clinton balance sheet.


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