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I know are very own Aye was at the Restoring Honor rally in DC and I’m looking forward to hearing a report from him. Until then, an awesome speech was given by pro-life activist Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, in which she says “I too have a dream!”

Plenty more where that came from….take a look at the turnout:

And the biased MSM is a bit peeved over this turnout, and the reaction to the turnout.

They can be peeved all they want…in fact that can blow it out their a*&. The citizens of this country are pissed and will not just sit idly by as the Democrats tear this country to pieces.

Sarah Palin’s speech is a must see:

An awesome rally that I wish I could of been a part of.

A message was sent tho…..

The one can relax in his ivory tower as long as you can, but we will not stay silent forever because we will be waiting patiently until November.

More videos from The Constitution Club

All three hours and 28 minutes of the rally can be viewed at – Restoring Honor Rally