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Isn’t this special….Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, running for Dodd’s seat, was exposed for a liar yesterday by alleging he served in Vietnam.

The New York Times reported that Blumenthal, the front-running candidate for U.S. Senate in his state, has on several occasions suggested — and in at least one instance, flat-out claimed — that he served in Vietnam even though he did not.

His excuse today? He meant during Vietnam…not in Vietnam.

Is that pathetic or what?

Lefty Marc Ambinder:

Blumenthal is correct that no one can control the articles that are printed about him. But surely this is a misdirection. Ambitious politicians have teams of communications professionals devoted to shaping, manipulating and repairing their public images. It is undoubtedly clear that Blumenthal sought out the identity of a Vietnam veteran, wrapped himself in that cloak, and used it to perpetuate his power. Even if he did not intend to mislead voters about his service, it is incumbent upon him to make sure that he did not use his position to perpetuate a myth that enhanced said power. To me, that DOES make him responsible for being accurate about his service record and going out of his way to correct the perceptional. Military service is threshold-honorable. But after that threshold is crossed, people judge you differently if they know you actively sought a position in a service that put your life in harm’s way. Blumenthal did not.

He’s a lying SOB…plain and simple.

And now look what RaceBannon from FR found, one of those standing behind him during his “apology” is also a liar.

Second from right, Mr. Elliot Storm:

CLAIMING BRONZE STAR w/VALOR device. Claims 2nd Lt, Claims/wears 3 Purple Hearts, 2 Bronze Stars w/V. The jacket in EARLIER pictures boasted 8 ribbons. This NEW pic has more and includes V device on Bronze Star and 2nd Lt bars.. Claims he worked with Ollie North.


National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Combat Action Ribbon, Purple Heart w/1*. Served 11 Oct 1968 to 30 Jan 1970 as a USMC rifleman (MOS 0311). Has enlisted service number (not officer’s)

He served IN Vietnam in the Marine Corps and I thank him for that. But there is no reason to claim 3 purple hearts, a Bronze Star and so on.

The liar surrounds himself with liars.

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