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This story, about a U.S. soldier who abused his child by holding her head under water for not saying her abc’s, is disgusting:

An Army sergeant who served in Iraq for 15 months has been restricted to his Washington military base after being accused of waterboarding his 4-year-old daughter because she refused to recite her ABCs.

But what I’d like to take umbrage with is how the media has decided to take this act of child abuse and water torture to draw an equivalence to the CIA enhanced interrogation program, which included the waterboarding of 3 known high-value terrorists, resistant to standard interrogation methods.

Although I’m linking to ABC News, it’s not just ABC that’s headlining this story as “waterboarding”, drawing equivalence to the CIA program, and featuring a photo of protesters re-enacting their version of CIA waterboarding. See here and here and here.

Emily Friedman of ABC News writes:

The torture technique of waterboarding, which has been used by the CIA during interrogations of al Qaeda suspects, was outlawed in 2009 by President Obama.

Ok, it is disputable whether or not the CIA SERE-inspired technique of waterboarding rises to the definition of torture, both legally and morally. And as far as Obama “outlawing” it, well newsflash: Waterboarding (after just 3 terrorists) was already stricken from the CIA program. Obama’s EO banning torture carried much the same language as the previous 2007 Bush EO that it replaced (newsflash: Bush was against torture as well). What Obama’s EO did do, however, was close down the CIA program that gained us valuable intell (and saved lives), and order all interrogations be limited to what is only permissible from the Army Field Manual.

Leave it to an agenda-driven MSM to slant and push a political perspective to a story of child abuse.

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