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Of course you may have noticed that our media did not report this cruise-missile strike.

US Airstrikes in Yemen a Tactical and Strategic Failure

The US launched two preemptive missile strikes in Yemen according to two US officials quoted by ABC News. One strike was north of Sana’a in Arhab. The other in the southern province of Abyan. The main al Qaeda target, Qasim al Reimi, predictably slipped away at the last minute from the Arhab raid. Two previously surrendered al Qaeda were captured, and likely will be released once the heat is off. In total, four were killed and 17 arrested. In Abyan, entire families were wiped out. Bedouins living in tents, the fatalities in Abyan included 14 children and about 50 men and women. Dozens more were wounded.

According to Yemeni officals, 30 suspected al Qaeda were killed in Abyan. Supposedly an impending al Qaeda suicide bombing against US intersts in Yemen was averted. Five unidentified foreigners were buried already. Four wounded people were arrested in hospitals. One Yemen official anonymously stated it was an intelligence failure that lead to the targeting of the village. But mostly, Yemen is holding the line that these persons provided shelter to al Qaeda operatives. Maybe they were cousins. It doesn’t explain why there was a preemptive bombing and not an arrest, why the intell was off on the presence of children or why the US chose to marry the duplicitious President Saleh instead of bringing him to a “crimes against humanity” tribunal.

The evidence is there that Saleh is war criminal. It is well documented by a number of international organizations and think tanks. The Yemeni military is bombing cities and withholding humanitarian assistance in the northern Sa’ada war where over 100,000 internal refugees are beyond the reach of international aid groups. In southern Yemen, the security forces have repetitively murdered peaceful protesters and engaged in mass arrests. The prisons are full of dissidents, political prisoners, journalists, children and innocent people. The UN found that torture, real torture, is widespread.

Hours after the air strikes, President Obama called the President Saleh with congratulations and renewed offers of support. Of course, the US attack will likely disempower moderate reformists and be used as a recruiting tool for al Qaeda and others who endorse violence.

Jane Novak has been the undisputed leader of supplying the truth about Yemen ever since the USS Cole bombing. If Bush had done something like this, the World Court would have issued a warrant on him, just as they have President Saleh. If I was to assist a murderer by hiding him, or even feeding him, I am now guilty of assisting in that murder. Obama’s action killed Yemen’s enemies, not ours.

Read everything on her front page. You will be even more appalled at the actions not only of Yemen, but of our own government….as if that were possible.

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