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Journalist and filmmaker Phelim McAleer, the maker of Not Evil, Just Wrong, has been doing a standup job of showing the hypocrisy inherent in not only the man-made global warming schizo’s but the left side of the aisle as a whole. Here he is questioning the hypocrisy of those “representatives” to the Copenhagen climate change conference who have belittled and shamed people about the effects of flying a plane.

Funny how they dismiss McAleer as not worth their trouble. How dare he question them on their “green” credentials. Right?

The U.N. estimates 40,500 tons of carbon dioxide will be pumped into the atmosphere during the 12-day conference – 90 percent of it from flights. The rest comes from waste and electricity related to transport to and from the conference center and lodging in and around the Danish city.

Most of the leaders were flying either on commercial airlines or government-owned jets and Sweden was one of the few to announce plans to offset those aviation emissions – something it does routinely. Most are doing nothing to boost their green credentials and some saw no reason to treat their trip to the U.N. climate talks any differently.

And today on Neil Cavuto the filmmaker was assaulted on live tv today by those oh so tolerant lefties, and Neil rightly points out that you see none of this from the right side of the aisle:

On the conference itself, it appears to be falling apart:

The Copenhagen climate change conference appeared to be imploding from within and exploding from without on Wednesday.

Police fired tear gas, brandished batons and detained more than 200 protesters who tried to push through the security cordon around the Bella Center, as negotiations inside bogged down, for the second time this week, over differences between China and the West over emissions, funding issues and transparency…

On Tuesday, Hedegaard made an emotional appeal for countries to put aside their differences to finalize a deal — after the G-77 bloc of developing nations accused her of trying to ram through an agreement amenable to the U.S. and other big industrialized nations.

But no sooner had Rasmussen assumed the presidency than those tensions burst out in the open again, with China, India, Bolivia, South Africa and Sudan saying they would block attempts by the Danish delegation to produce a draft text favored by most Western countries.

And while the world awaits Obama, his buddy and pal Hugo Chavez railed against the rich:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez held court in Copenhagen Wednesday, criticizing the polluting ways of wealthy nations, like the U.S.

“The rich are destroying the world,” he told delegates. Venezuela’s economy depends heavily on comparatively dirty heavy oil, much of which it sells to the United States.

Just another day in the leftist utopia where a filmmaker who asks the inconvenient questions gets escorted out by security:

Or gets his microphone broken:

After these latest events some are suggesting Phelim should take out the “Not Evil” from his movie….I’m starting to agree.

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