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We’ve generated quite a bit of interest and traffic with our articles pertaining to what’s become known as; “Climategate”. While this site covers many of today’s hot-topics, as viewed from the right side of the “blogosphere”, we realize that many have arrived here for this specific reason. To that end, we have collected the articles into one post, so that you may easily access them all, and hopefully come away the knowledge and information needed to fully grasp the scope of this dramatic development.


This is the breaking article that describes the initial release, and who first broke the story.

Here we discover that the release may have come from the inside, and that the story is gaining traction, after years of attempts to have the data released.

Silent Scandal shows how the scandal has begun to “grow legs”, yet the major media outlets has predictable gone missing in what could be the biggest scam ever committed.

The first pass of the evidence has begun, and the evidence is mounting in a dramatic way.

The “bombshell” discovery that rather than a dramatic increase in the earth’s temperature, the scientists involved actually added their own “alterations” to the computer code.

Both of these posts show the stunning first fallout of the release within the governments of Australia, and New Zealand.

The very first confirmation that this is truly a big deal is that those who have been pushing AWG are taking this release seriously, and seeing the ramifications.

Here, a reader has gone through every e-mail and document, and provides the history and evidence that business, (incl oil companies) and governments have controlled the green movement since the early 90’s.

A true “smoking gun” is revealed, showing the scam in all its glory.

Yet another “smoking gun” proving the manipulation of the software code, in the programmers own words and notes.

Western media plugs their ears to the scandal, but Russia Today covers the debate

The major media cannot ignore this any longer, and the cracks begin to show.

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