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We’ve all seen it, heard it, and had our brains wracked by them. I’m talking about people who are not “liberal”; are not “open-minded.” Personally, I try very hard to understand their arguments, and why they’re making them. Are they interested in facts, or partisan electioneering? Are they interested in discussion or cramming an ideology down my throat?

A “liberal” is someone who is open-minded, understanding, comes with open-arms, and seeks discussion and compromise. Then…there are these people:

Look, I like a green Earth. I worked for years as an environmental technician. I’ve worn the plastic suit and cleaned up the hazardous waste spills. I’ve been in places where even bacteria don’t grow because the toxins are so bad. What separates me from the Ed Bagely’s of the planet is that I want to discuss. This guy’s just an angry freak, and yes, that does make him dangerous.

Anger is not a destination or a simple state. It’s a direction. It’s a direction that is stopped by our morals, our character, our sociological and our psychological limits….in most cases. Sometimes it’s not. When that happens we get violence, and people suffer. Even if anger turns to violence 1 time in a million, we should try to understand why it happened, and to that end, I ask:

“Why are people so angry that global warming is discussed, debated, and not accepted or obeyed without question?”

Put another way, has the propaganda of the left stirred people so effectively, angered them so well that we run the risk of violence rather than discussion? I think it has, and I blame the people that Ed Bagely gets his news from-the people that have him so fired up as to start raving about “death panels” in the middle of a discussion about whether or not the debate is open/closed about Global Warming.

Ed needs help, and those who have misled Ed-and so many others-need a moment of inner reflection. It’s one thing to have freedom of speech, but it’s another to yell, “FIRE!” in a theatre (global warming metaphor intended)

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