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black belt barack

Photo: President Obama and South Korean President Lee Myung-bak. Credit: EPA

Wow….a Barack belt. That’s just so many ways of awesome, right there. A title that is never earned; just redistributed.

Is there anything that this man can’t accomplish without ever having earned it, first?

A book deal, the presidency, a Nobel Peace Prize….now a black belt (hat tip to Patvann):

Anyway, there he was in Seoul, the last stop of his journey.

And out of the Seoul sky, President Lee Myung-bak hands over to the American leader a tae kwon do outfit. And then Lee, who practices tae kwon do himself, presents Obama with a coveted black belt.

After zero long years of study.

Apparently, President Obama does have some martial arts experience:

President Obama practiced Taekwondo for about four years with an American master in Chicago from 2001 while he was serving in the Illinois state senate. He obtained a green belt.

Well, he’s green alright. And it shows.

Let the captions fly!