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If Van Jones was feeling lonely and singled out, he’s got some friends headed to join him under the bus…

Obama appointee, Robert Grove, has dashed off a letter, notifying the national ACORN headquarters he is severing all ties with the community organizing group for all 2010 census work.

“Over the last several months, through ongoing communication with our regional offices, it is clear that ACORN’s affiliation with the 2010 Census promotion has caused sufficient concern in the general public, has indeed become a distraction from our mission, and may even become a discouragement to public cooperation, negatively impacting 2010 Census efforts,” read a letter from Census Director Robert M. Groves to the president of ACORN.

“Unfortunately, we no longer have confidence that our national partnership agreement is being effectively managed through your many local offices. For the reasons stated, we therefore have decided to terminate the partnership,” the letter said.

ummmm, yeah. So while the FBI investigations and corruption charges couldn’t sway Obama’s devotion to his pet non-profit, an entrepreneurial journalist-wannabe correction… activist filmmaker and his trusty female sidekick topple the group’s cushy position with the POTUS… armed merely with a hidden camera, a good plot line, and a spot on YouTube and a website. All they needed to complete a quest obviously unachievable by federal law enforcement agencies was a few over eager ACORN mortgage advisors… apparently not too difficult to find.

The two ACORN workers are, of course, history… employee Sherona Boone and volunteer mortgage consultant Lavernia Boone were fired after advising the pair of stealth reporters how to commit mortgage fraud.

This is the second set of ACORN workers caught by intrepid two – James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles – and released from any future ACORN tasks. Aye Chi posted both the videos yesterday.

Are we learning any lessons here, folks? It seems the power of the people is actually growing, cowering admin officials into doing the right thing by being vocal with their opinions, and doing some proactive citizen investigative journalism. Indeed, the big budget MSM seems to be missing out, with the most bold exposés by joe blow citizens, using Internet tools, cell phones and consumer technology… amazing.

But the predictable is already leering it’s ugly head… ACORN is crying foul, insinuating the tapes were altered. And the state attorney in Baltimore proper is considering investigating and prosecuting O’Keefe and Giles for “illegal wiretapping”.

The Baltimore city state’s attorney is considering prosecuting those responsible for taping the ACORN employees on charges that they violated Maryland’s wiretap laws.


Baltimore, MD – September 11, 2009 – We have received inquiries from citizens and the media asking whether the Baltimore City State’s Attorneys Office would initiate a criminal investigation for acts allegedly committed at ACORN offices located in Baltimore. The only information received in reference to this alleged criminal behavior was a YouTube video. Upon review by this office, the video appears to be incomplete. In addition, the audio portion could possibly have been obtained in violation of Maryland Law, Annotated Code of Maryland Courts and Judicial Proceedings Article §10-402, which requires two party consent.

If it is determined that the audio portion now being heard on YouTube was illegally obtained, it is also illegal under Maryland Law to willfully use or willfully disclose the content of said audio. The penalty for the unlawful interception, disclosure or use of it is a felony punishable up to 5 years.

Hummm… not good to have enemies in high places. They send Mondo from Chicago after you.

Rather a topsy turvy world when you think of it. A couple of daring young activists expose the very kind of mortgage fraud that played a part in tanking the US housing market, and the establishment prefers to focus on them.

Gee… I wonder how they get away with not having a two party consent with the pedophiles on How to Catch a Predator”? I guess, in the world of politics, morality gets tossed, and the line between good guys and bad is forever smudged.

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