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Iran offered to stop attacking British troops in Iraq to try to get the West to drop objections to Tehran’s uranium enrichment project, a UK official says.

The disclosure by UN ambassador Sir John Sawers in a BBC documentary throws new light on backroom discussions between Iran and the West.


“The Iranians wanted to be able to strike a deal whereby they stopped killing our forces in Iraq in return for them being allowed to carry on with their nuclear programme: ‘We stop killing you in Iraq, stop undermining the political process there, you allow us to carry on with our nuclear programme without let or hindrance.'”

The deal was dismissed by the British government and Iran’s nuclear enrichment restarted shortly after.

(wow, and that’s from the BBC-hardly a neocon mouthpiece. Odd they didn’t report this when GWB was President).

And in other news re Iran today. Not only does the leftist BBC confirm that Iran is a nuclear blackmailer and has been for years, not only does Iran pretty much admit to being part of the insurgency in Iraq, but…now the UN says they’ve got enough matl for a bomb.

In a development that comes as the Obama administration is drawing up its policy on negotiations with Tehran over its nuclear programme, UN officials said Iran had produced more nuclear material than previously thought. They said Iran had accumulated more than one tonne of low enriched uranium hexafluoride at a facility in Natanz.

If such a quantity were further enriched it could produce more than 20kg of fissile material – enough for a bomb.

Well, if President Obama doesn’t release his Iran plan (he’s had a plan for Iran for 2yrs now, right), then someone else might take action before he does.

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