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So my home state, the Socialist Republic of Kalifornia, has now decided to increase our taxes….once again, without decreasing spending. They finally pushed through a bill by bribing the hold out Republican with what I first thought was a good idea:

The state Senate approved a long-awaited budget early Thursday intended to wipe out a $42 billion deficit, possibly steering the state clear of a fiscal disaster.

Leaders secured the final vote needed from a moderate Republican in late-night negotiations by agreeing to his demands for election changes, government reform and removal of a gas tax increase, giving them the two-thirds needed to pass the package, 27-12.

He got them to get rid of another damn increase in our fuel tax, this time a 12 cent increase. Why did they cave? Because they just increased our taxes in other ways:

Leaders also agreed to Maldonado’s demand to eliminate the 12-cent additional gas tax, which was estimated to bring in $2.1 billion through June 2010. The money will be replaced with a 0.25 percent increase in the state income tax, federal stimulus dollars and more than $600 million in line-item vetoes.


He also got them to agree to put on the ballot a referendum approving open primaries. Which may bring in more moderate candidates for the the generals. He hopes this will lessen the polarizing politics we have in this state. We shall see. I recall that kind of strategy got us McCain for this last election.

Either way, we pay one of the highest tax rates in the country, and now its going up. We rank 48th in the country in regards to business tax climate…the only ones worst then us are New York and New Jersey.

I imagine we will be hitting that 50th spot soon.

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