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There can be no doubt that the American auto industry is failing. Numbers don’t lie, and besides, they admit it. The corporate leaders have been to Washington to “beg” for money several times now, and they’ve even brought along token union leaders.

American automakers HAVE FAILED

They failed to make fuel efficient cars
They failed to make cars of such high quality that buyers would choose American-made autos over foreign
They failed to make money (that’s why they’re in DC begging their political pawns for more)
They failed to impress the American people that they deserve more money (that’s why polls show Americans are opposed to a government bailout of the failing American automakers)
They failed to negotiate properly with their labor force so that the labor force is an asset not a burden to the final cost of a car

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again (with the majority of Americans behind me):

Oh, but autoworkers don’t like that? Too bad!

Festering animosity between the United Auto Workers and Southern senators who torpedoed the auto industry bailout bill erupted into full-fledged name calling Friday as union officials accused the lawmakers of trying to break the union on behalf of foreign automakers.

Hey, overpaid-union-autoworkers…do you know WHY Republicans are voting in line with the American people instead of with you and your struggle to keep the golden goose alive? Here’s a clue:

Union officials also accused the senators of retaliating for the UAW’s overwhelming support of Democratic candidates in federal races. The union gave $1.9 million to Democrats but only $11,500 to Republicans in the 2008 election cycle.

LOL! It’s not retaliation. It’s a matter of fact. You failed, and you didn’t pay off everyone. You only paid off the Democratic Party. Now, you’re accountable; workers are accountable for their expensive benefits that make American cars more expensive than those made by other, non-union companies here in the US, and corporate gurus are responsible for not making cars people want to buy (like ones that don’t cost $100 to tank up every week).

But alas, it really was NOT Republicans at large who blocked the bill as many Republicans voted FOR IT.

The point remains the same. No amount of bailout money, rescue money, campaign contribution, advertising, spin, hype, punditry, partisanship, or procrastination will avoid it: America’s Big Three auto makers (labor and leaders alike) have failed. Should they be rescued? No-the leaders aren’t changing the way they do business so as to make cars people want more than competitors’ cars, and labor isn’t willing to make what other car manufacturers’ labor makes in the U.S.

No concession/no changes=no moola

If Chrysler really wanted to change, they’d make nothing but a few really popular, uber high quality cars.
If GM wanted to change, they could take one of their brands like Pontiac and sell nothing buy electric Pontiacs from now on.
If Ford wanted to change, they could-oh wait…they dropped out of the “give us money” club and instead just asked for their credit to be backed. Hmmm, hats off to one of em at least.

Where are all the tree-hugging eco-freaks, global warming alarmists, etc., and why aren’t they marching by the millions in demand that Detroit make more eco-friendly cars?
Where are all the paranoid Blood-for-oil nitwits, and why aren’t they all screaming mad that Democrats aren’t demanding electric cars, hydrogen fuel cells in every new Big Three car, and so forth? Where
Where are all the Obama supporters who believed his rhetoric about demanding more economical, fuel-efficient, eco-friendly cars from the Big Three, and have any of them even sent him an email demanding he get involved in the process?
Is it acceptable and rational for Barack Obama to NOT take a lead part in the bail out debate?
Lastly, why don’t these activists put pressure on the Democrats’ Congress to make these things happen?

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