Posted by MataHarley on 9 October, 2008 at 8:38 pm. 22 comments already!

Okay… INRE the six Alaskan legislators who sued to get an injunctive release (see original post and info here…) back on the 16th of December… alleging the Legislative Council was acting without budgetary authority, and outside Constitutional due process per the Alaskan Legislature.

The Alaskan Supreme Court affirmed the Superior Court’s Motion to Dismiss… on Oct 8th. I was waiting to get the Supreme decision. However none is available as of yet. If the brief I linked above is correct, a decision should follow. (Which I’m actually quite curious on a legal intellectually level to see. Mostly about the Legislative Council appropriating funds without the approval of the entire body.)

In the context of all that still goes on… the Legislative Council witch hunt continues, most or all are responding to subpoenas. And the Personnel Board investigation and investigator are still in action.

Dat’s all folks…. I am so bored with this. After I found out a “guilty” is a $5000 fine, who the heck cares? The Alaskan Legislative Council is spending 20x the amount of the fine just to investigate…. no wonder Palin’s had to rip thru these guys in her gubernatorial term. They most certainly know how to waste the taxpayers’ cash.

But this entire story was meant only to damage Palin as a running mate from the beginning. Were this a story that genuinely lent credible threat to a “criminal” serving as a Veep, none of this would be slipping under the radar. But… like I said… a $5000 fine for a guilty charge??

But… if you need bathroom reading material, or need something to read to fall asleep to…. here’s the quick link to the entire Trooper’gate series.

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