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Apparently, His Messiahship’s confidence is taking a hit. After coming to agreement for Hillary’s name to be put into a roll call vote, the two are huddled over a new compromise this eve behind the scenes. It seems Obama wants to the roll call vote to just go on for a few states, then get cut off early by having a “unanimous consent” in his favor.

A frantic effort began at the Democratic Convention today to escape the shadow cast by Hillary and Bill Clinton — as well as their die-hard supporters — over Barack Obama’s presidential campaign


Behind the scenes tonight Mr Obama and Mrs Clinton are still seeking to hammer out a compromise plan over the former First Lady’s demand to have an open roll-call vote on the convention floor, a move that would highlight the fact that she won nearly as many delegates in their primary battle.

Mr Obama wants the floor vote cut off after just a few states, followed by a unanimous consent vote in his favour.

I guess the PUMAs and disenfranchised DNC voters are getting to the campaign organizers’ nerves. And they’re especially concerned this will detract from Michelle O’s night… as she weaves her family’s distinctly “American” tale to the faithful.

Wait.. are they talking about the America that isn’t what it once was? The same America he doesn’t want for his girls? I’m ‘fused….

No word if they care if Ted Kennedy, also to be honored tonight, might also have his moment tarnished.

In the meantime, Hillary’s campaign is desperately trying to avoid possible fallout… giving the appearance she orchestrated the party revolt. Her spokesperson combined with Obama’s to issue a joint statement of genuine unity. But it doesn’t seem to be working.

Polls show that a significant — and increasing — proportion of her supporters are refusing to back Mr Obama, who they feel has shown little respect to either Mrs Clinton or those who supported her in an unprecedented Democratic primary. By some counts she received 18 million votes in a result that was a virtual tie.

Well now… if they think she’s been disrespected, just how will they feel when they are denied a full state roll call after being promised just that? Oh what fun! Even Pelosi considers the full roll call a tradition.

“I most certainly think that calling roll over the states is an important piece of tradition. It’s part of our culture. As you say, sometimes, people say it might not look as clean and neat as some people would like, but so what. It’s the democratic way. We will come out unified and organized.

Then again, it must be noted that Pelosi made these comments before this latest news that Obama’s looking for ways to avoid actually counting real votes…

Instead, more than a few Clinton fans are standing firm in their indignation.

In the Sheraton hotel, where Mrs Clinton had breakfast today with her New York delegates, Patricia Bakalian stood with her “Hillary for President” badge.

The founder of the petition drive that forced the Obama campaign to allow Mrs Clinton a formal roll-call vote of her delegates, she cannot bring herself to vote for Mr Obama. “She’s been treated poorly by him. He should have vetted her for vice-president.

“I think he played the race card during the primaries. It was a sexist campaign.”

Dale Schroedel, a Clinton volunteer, said: “I know hundreds of lifelong Democrats who are going to vote for McCain. The fact that she wasn’t even vetted was a smack in the face.


But Bob Mulholland, a California super-delegate and veteran Democratic party operative, said he had his work cut out to unite his state’s divided delegation. Asked if Mr Obama had done enough to reach out to Mrs Clinton’s support, he replied: “He should have done more.”

Some Clinton activists have joined a group called Party Unity My Ass whose website trails the catchphrase: “We are the ones no one was expecting” — a mocking reference to Mr Obama’s line: “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

The mood is the same among some of Mrs Clinton’s senior team who have decided to skip the convention and the annointment of Mr Obama this year, with one suggesting he did not participate in “cults” while another privately tells friends that, without her as the nominee, the Republicans are set to keep the White House.

Still more have tempered their public support for the nominee by venting resentment over the primary campaign. Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, told a media audience their “coverage of Barack Obama was embarrassing,” adding: “Running for the most important office in the world, Obama got basically a free pass.”

Then, of course, we have Bill Clinton. If he wasn’t feeling b*@tch slapped enough by being upstaged by Al Gore (being awarded an elevated speaking spot), he’s even more PO’d about the mandated subject matter with “national security” as a theme…. I’m not quite sure which is more hysterically ironic. Listening to Clinton speak about national security, or hearing him trying to convince the masses that Obama is a qualified CIC.

But Obama’s campaign is spreading the talking points to the delegates… must have that “unified” presentation, even if it’s all just a glossy finish.

But Mr Obama’s aides have hurriedly issued talking point memos to delegates, instructing them on what to say when approached by reporters. One suggested line is as follows: “I can’t wait to hear Hillary Clinton talk about the future and am excited that her candidacy is unifying our party!”

Now… what about that roll call vote? Will he convince her to cut it short? Oh to be a fly on the one to see who’s “strong arm” wins the arm wrestling match.

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