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Ladies and gentlemen,
Boys and girls,
Cats and dogs,
Forget the Olympics…THE REAL GAMES ARE IN DENVER!!!!

I thought of all kinds of ways to make a quick movie snippet or something multimedia, but in my YouTube raw meat search…something caught my eye, flipped my trigger, and just seemed SO PERFECT for the occasion. So please, press play on this 1992 ode to confusion, chaos, and searching rather than accepting. It’s a throw back to a time when Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson, and so many others were still playing with their Barbie girls. A time when Saddam had just had his ass kicked and people believed he was contained (yeah, ’cause dictators learn their lessons and never hold grudges). A time when the Clintons were taking DC, and a generation was realizing those student loans had to be paid some day….and that someday was approaching fast.

And in the wake of what conservative musicians like these saw as confusing and scary, we can now fast-forward to this weekend’s antics.
A time when American gold medalists dared to thank President Bush in a LIVE interview on NBC forcing the network to delete the video from their website, threaten every single copy posted on YouTube, and even got the remarks removed from transcripts.

A time when Pres Bush signed an agreement with the Iraqi govt to withdraw US combat forces from Iraqi cities over the next 9 months and continue the withdrawal of other US forces from Iraq.
A time when Dems eat Dems over stupidity, ignorance, and arrogance, and most importantly

A time when the faux-anti-war group, “Dykes Against Dubya” reforms to protest against President Bush (a Republican) at the Democratic National Convention.
Bumper Stickers Still Available!!!!

It’s a time when people protesting the war in Iraq (which is ending, “US, Iraq reach deal to pull US troops out by June“) march to get their message heard using loud voices, bullhorns, big speakers, and giant banners, and then when FOX News tries to give them an open mic to express themselves….the protesters continue to pull the plug and harass the reporters so as to HELP get their message out to more people.

So pop the popcorn, crack open the brew, stretch out the recliner, grab the remote, and enjoy the show as Democrats protest Democrats and promise to recreate the riots-err, I mean “peaceful protests” of 1968. (note, did the City of Denver really agree to stop enforcing marijuana offenses for the convention? If so…it might be the most brilliant act of crowd control in history)

…and so it begins

Protesters Disrupt Convention Access; At Least Two Arrests Before DNC Begins

TENT State University per MTV

Oh, and there’s some great pics here

Man, it’s happening so fast….I just keep askin’

Hey yeh yeh yeh
Hey yeh yeh
Anybody know w hat’s goin’ on?

Well, at least I found the answer to a question that’s been naggin’ me forever: Where do these Che Guevarra lovin’ people come from? Don’t they have jobs? Why yes…they do

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