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It’s 3am.
The phone rings.
It’s the red phone.
Russian military forces have invaded a place called South Ossetia in support of Abkhazani seperatists
Georgian military forces that have recently returned home after fighting side by side with American troops in Iraq are racing to the front, but most have been overwhelmed.
Villages are being burned
Men and boys are being seperated out, forced to watch their wives and sisters be raped before they themselves are executed
America and NATO allies told Georgian officials that they’d come to Georgia’s aid if attacked
Who will pick it up the phone?
Who will answer it?
The Democratic Congress’ leadership is on recess and busy with book tours
The DNC is confused after having just published a platform that promises to support Georgia
The Democratic Party base that was so fervently anti-war for years is silently refusing to recognize let alone oppose the atrocities
Senator Obama is on vacation in Hawaii

Senator McCain, however, saw this coming, and has led the pack in calls for international diplomacy, condemnation, and resolve. He’s sent his friends as envoys to the American ally, and he’s been monitoring the situation closely.

Who will pick up the phone? That’s irrelevant because John McCain was already on it-even at 3am.

….Um, anyone from the RNC looking for an ad writer the answer is YES, I am available.

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