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Ok, for those of you playing the home game, let’s recap:
President Bush invaded Iraq and ended America’s 13 year war with Saddam with the authorization of Congress, and support of Democrats. Even before the war started, Gov Howard Dean ran for President on an anti-war theme (in addition to governor of Vermont, doctor, maple syrup king, and Presidential Candidate, he’s secretly been a middle eastern intelligence operative and the only man in the world who could accurately assess the threat from Saddam…or…so people were led to believe). As soon as Coalition forces crossed the border, Democrats en masse changed their tune, opposed the war like candidate Dean, and they themselves either tested the Presidential campaign waters, or just jumped right in. And so it was that the debate raged, grew, exaggerated, distorted, and became an animal-a monster-in and of itself. “Dissent is patriotic” we were told-even if that dissent wasn’t really based on fact, but on political aspirations and/or frustrations. The debate was key to the 2002 elections, the 2004 elections, the 2006 elections, and was almost key in 2008, but something happened.

Success in Iraq.

Big drop in casualties
security success

success against the Al Queda in Iraq groups
and growing political success

It was undeniable, so the left denied it, and ignored it, and now…

…now that both the Democrats and Republicans are coming to consensus on how to proceed in Iraq, those who opposed are revealing that their opposition really was just based on partisanship…not patriotic dissent as earlier claimed.

Obama’s War

Obama supporters and blissed-out Barry-heads everywhere: Are you ready for some righteous war? Are you prepared to step up and get fucking medieval in Afghanistan, and perhaps in Pakistan as well? You’d better be, for the man whose feet you’re currently kissing has big plans to expand the War On Terror, and now is not the time for faint-hearted second-thoughts. Polish those boots, clean your weapons, and get in formation. The moment of truth is arriving soon.

War Without End, Amen: Into the Afghan Abyss with Obama

“For years now, ‘serious’ liberals have repeated the mantra that Bush ‘took his eye off the ball’ in the War on Terror by fighting in Iraq instead of focusing on Afghanistan, the ‘good war,’ the ‘right war.’ Now Obama looks set to call their bluff: ‘You wanted a big war in Afghanistan? Here it is. Now what?’

The primary dissent against the war in Iraq was not, and is not against the war, but against President Bush, and when President Obama takes office, most of those who opposed or oppose the war will suddenly support it-not because the cause has changed, but because a face for it has.

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