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Big Fred doing the Big Job. Love it. From Human Events.

In a McCain administration, former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson would play a dominant role in selecting Supreme Court nominees and other judicial appointments, sources close to the McCain campaign and to Thompson tell us.

And why is Fred suddenly everywhere? These sources say that the agreement between McCain and Thompson is behind Thompson’s resurgence in the national media in recent weeks. In a McCain campaign conference call with reporters yesterday on last week’s Supreme Court decision on terrorist detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Thompson — without claiming such status — played the role of a prominent McCain adviser.

McCain will lock down a lot of conservatives with this one, yours truly included. Fred knows exactly what he is doing in this area and, as long as McCain follows his advice, there will be no Harriet Miers, David Souters, or Anthony Kennedys coming out of a McCain administration.

Viva Fred!

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