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The Democratic Party and far left theme is that President Bush somehow allegedly gave up on the war in Afghanistan. US forces and intelligence agencies know better. The anti-Bush/anti-war theme extends to claim that somehow or another President Bush isn’t fighting Al Queda in Afghanistan or going after Bin Laden. Of course, both aren’t really in Afghanistan. They’re in the lawless mountains in Pakistan that border Afghanistan. So, what about there? Well, not a lot can be said about the fight in that area. Reporters and sightseers aren’t just discouraged. They’re arrested or killed or both. However, the skies above are very active-as active as the hunt for Al Queda leaders always has been despite the political PR from the left.

Today, we’re getting reports that another covert (well, it WAS covert) air strike has taken place in that region. If so, it’s the FIFTH time this year that we know about. How many do you think we don’t know about in this secret war’s most secret area and against the most top secret targets?

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UPDATE by Curt

Some updated info here:

Taliban and Afghan National Army backed by American forces have traded severe firing in Sooran Dara area of Mehmand and Bajaur Agencies on Afghan border late Tuesday evening.

Sources told this correspondent that Afghan National Army backed by American forces and gunship helicopters clashed with Taliban when the former on a tip-off attacked a Taliban hideout in the Sooran Dara area.

Unconfirmed reports receiving from the Dara revealed that dozens of Taliban and Afghan National Army are feared dead in the clashes.

Pakistan Tehrik-e-Taliban spokesman Maulvi Umer talking to this correspondent via phone from an undisclosed location said that clashes erupted in Sooran Dara area when American and Afghan National Army backed by gunship helicopters and jets attacked Taliban on the Afghan border.

He said that Afghan National Army and American forces and their jets also violated the territorial limits of Pakistan and continued to fly over Mehmand and Bajaur Agencies for few minutes.

Ok, now here is where some speculation comes into the mix. The US would fire a drone missile at a high value target. No way they are going to do that for just a bunch of regulars. The attack happened in the Mohmand area of Pakistan:

The missile was thought to have been fired into the Mohmand ethnic Pashtun tribal area in northwest Pakistan where this year, U.S.-controlled Predator aircraft have struck at least four sites used by al Qaeda operatives, killing dozens of suspected militants.

Who has some family in that area?

It is pertinent to mention, however, that al-Zawahiri is reportedly married to a woman from the Mohmand tribe who lives with her father in the border area between Bajaur and Mohmand agencies

James Robbins believes the target may have been OBL:

This is some of the baddest of the badlands in Pakistan, and a great place to hide if you are Osama bin Laden.

Obviously, this attack was targeted at someone high value….but just how high value was he?

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