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A commenter clued me in on a site called Ex-Hillary Supporters For John McCain and some comments left by the site owner Ed recently about the “Whitey” Michelle Obama tape. He purports to have heard two minutes of the tape over the phone. Here he is answering questions from visitors on this site:

Yes, I heard about 2 minutes of her ranting at Bill Clinton and Hillary over the phone. Ed

Yes, it is a DVD, I only heard the audio part, they would not send me a sample. I understand that it is over 30 minutes long some of it had been edited. From what I was told, this will make every white American angry. What she thinks of the white America is disgusting. – Ed

The tape was made at the conference in June or July of 2004. It was of a conference at the Trinty church. Louis Farrahkan wife was there as was her body guards, who taped the event.

Yes, I trust this person very much. This person is not a “Republican”, in fact I don’t know what their political stand is. Also this is not a White person. I will not release this person name and prehaps I have said too much now. This person sent me a email asking me to call them. They said the reason they wanted me to know was that this web site has had almost a 1 million in less than a week. I was very surpirsed and honored that they choose me to talk to you. I will try and get them to release the DVD before the convention. I will use everything that God gave me to get this job done. I am a Texan and we don’t give up. ED

Please allow me to explain why this person will not release the DVD before the date as they have stated. one example is Doug Wilder, former governor of Va or WV, I cannot remember, said on more than one occasion,”If Obama does not get the nomination, then all blacks will consider it stole from Obama, and the riots of 1968 will be nothing compared to those of 2008″.
More than just this leader has made those statements. The person that has the DVD is afraid to release it before the date they have set. They do not want to be the person that started the riots. This person feels that all the thugs are waiting on is a reason to start and destroy this country. The reason I was told and allowed to hear it, was because I could tell everyone it exist and that Obama will not be the president, that was the reason I was given. I understand this person position and I respect them. I cannot and will not violate their trust in me. Even if this mean Hillary is not our nominee, I cannot help it. Thanks for your time and understanding – Ed

No idea who this Ed guy is nor how reliable he is. Some in this thread say they read that Ed stated the tape was to be released in November, I can’t find it on the page and he says in the comments that he took down some information from the front page for “safety reasons.”

So take it for what its worth.

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