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Just one more reason why Obama should be avoided. The man with the worst foreign policy ideas LIKES Obama’s foreign policy ideas:

Instead, Paul favors Sen. Barack Obama because of positions on foreign policy. “But that’s doesn’t mean that’s an endorsement,” Paul quickly added.

Of course he won’t endorse him, he still wants to be the crazy old uncle at the convention.

But tell me this, how does a small government Libertarian support a pure Marxist?

Allah’s not surprised:

If I’d asked you before this which of the three his own speak-no-evil foreign policy was most in line with — Maverick, the Iron Maiden, or the guy whose idea of “aggressive” action towards Iran involves sitdowns at the White House — what would you have guessed? Mind you, this is a guy who, for reasons known only to himself, believes that Iran is “incapable” of attacking its neighbors, nuke program, missile program, and terrorist proxies be damned.

And Paul believes leaving the world alone will make the world leave us alone.

Pure naive ignorance.

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