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5) There are a lot of Americans who have guns, believe in God, and believe that the American borders ought to be secured, but who do not hold those beliefs because they are apathetic, trigger happy, Jesus-freaks, or racist.

4) He’s black.  Not all Republicans are anti-African-American racists, but most anti-African-American-racists are Republicans, and since he can’t even carry the white votes in the Democratic Party it’s just not likely that he can in a general election.  Even if one disagrees with the idea that the Republican party has as many or more racists than the Democratic Party, the fact is…there’s still a majority of whites in America, and if white Democrats aren’t voting for Barack, then why would white Republicans?

3) Reverand Wright.  Yes, it’s true Sen Obama says he doesn’t share the “God DAMNED America!” views etc., but Wright’s really inflammatory remarks aren’t something you disagree with like you would the time/place of next Sunday’s after church social.   These are strongly anti-American, very racist positions, and a black man running for President of those United States ought to have been able to convince his pastor and friend that the views were wrong, ignorant, and congruent to the enemy’s view at a time of war.  If ya can’t convince your pastor/friend…how’s he gonna convince Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, or Assad, or Kim Il Jong, or Chavez?

2) The sizzle of “change” comes without steak.  Senator Obama has promised to “change” the way things work in Washington to a more bi-partisan atmosphere, but he’s been in Washington.   He’s a senator in the party that controls the entire Congress, and his record doesn’t bear up to the rhetoric.  There are no examples of Sen Obama actually working in a bi-partisan manner, and instead-contrary to the campaign promises of “change”-he’s got an unusually partisan, one-sided, Democrat-only record.  Why should people believe he’s going to “change” things in Washington when he hasn’t yet, and his campaign platforms are highly partisan in position rather than bi-partisan, compromised, moderate, etc.?

…and the #1 reason that Barack Obama Won’t Be President:

1) Despite the promise of bringing about national unity and international respect for the United States…the guy can’t even unite his own party.

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