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Ok, like everyone else, I wake up, check a few sites (Flopping Aces first, right?!!!), see what’s been going on in the world, etc. This morning, I had an email from a friend who was feeling down, another from another friend who deserved congratulations. I saw news sites that made me mad, others that made me sad, and I saw one that made me laugh out loud. Yeah, I know, this happens to everyone every day, but I had to share this one that made me laugh.

ABC News (long time supporter of the Clintons) actually supported Senator Barack Obama by repeating perhaps the biggest slam of the campaign between the two. Senator Obama has lit a match and stands over a trail of blackpowder that leads to a proverbial cartoon powderkeg. He’s asked Senator Clinton to reveal where she gets her money.

Of course this is a big deal because we all know she dumped $5million dollars into her own campaign last week (gosh, I think I’ll just toss in $5 million of my own money to run for office too. What, ya mean everybody can’t just toss down $5mil?  Me neither!). Clearly she gets her money from her husband, but 7yrs ago, they were in debt up to their eyeballs with legal fees from the most expensive knob bob in history. Now, after both Clintons have written a few books (not something that makes everyone automatically wealthy btw!), after countless paid-speaking engagements from the President, and after some incredibly successful business deals with the same people who funded the 911 attacks, all of a sudden they’re a wealthy family? Yeah, right. Show us the money…and that’s a request from the most popular Democrat-not some right winger neocon conspiracy.

Look, there are three constants/weaknesses of the Clintons:

  1. They’re guaranteed to take both sides of a position and then claim any success as their own
  2. They’re both famous for straight-up, deliberate, in your face lying
  3. They both get money via means that may be legal, but are extremely questionable

C’mon Senator Clinton, show us the money. Where’d you just all of a sudden get $5mil to throw down? Is she the most financially successful author America’s ever known? Is she running on an ex-President’s funds? Is she making money over some land deal called Whitewater-oops, no sorry. That was years ago. Is she getting money off a ports deal with Dubai? Where does a potential President get her money?

This isn’t just a political question either. It’s one of national security and patriotic duty. America simply cannot afford a President who is influenced by missile guidance tech sales to communist China, or to Dubai, or far worse. Opponents of the Bush Admin have argued since 1998 that he was controlled by oil companies, but it isn’t until now that Democrats have dared ask, “who pays the Clintons?”


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