Posted by Curt on 5 February, 2008 at 10:21 pm. 26 comments already!

Mark Steyn at his best on this Super Tuesday:

Forget the gaseous platitudes: in Dem terms, their choice on Super Duper Tuesday was deciding which candidate was Super Duper and which was merely Super. Over on the GOP side, it was a choice between Weak & Divisive or Weaker & Unacceptable. Doesn’t bode well for November.

The big surprise of the night is that the South voted for a Republican who has no chance, and essentially gave the Republican nod to McCain.

If Mitt gets a good amount of the California delegates I think he will stay in as the anti-McCain. Huck will drop out but will not be chosen by McCain as a VP. Those are my bets.

But as each day passes I come to grips with the fact that I will not be working my butt off FOR a candidate, but against a candidate. That candidate being Hillary/Obama. Victor Davis Hanson spells it out much better then I can:

Again, on judges, I think McCain would be far better than Obama or Clinton, maybe not as good as Bush’s two, but perhaps better than two of Reagan’s three.

On taxes I think not raising them is not as good as cutting them, but far better than raising them—as Obama and Clinton have already promised with income, estate and payroll taxes.

And we all know how much more different McCain would be compared to Hillary/Obama on the war in Iraq. I don’t like McCain, I think he is a very weak Republican and conservative, but with him we have a chance to get a conservative on SCOTUS. Without him we know, with one hundred percentage certainty, that a liberal justice will get on SCOTUS. Think the 70’s were bad with the Supreme Court? Roe v. Wade? Imagine what a liberal majority on that court would do to this country.

I won’t let that happen without a fight.

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