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With Mitt Romney pulling up shop in South Carolina it leaves only three candidates with a shot at taking at that state. Huckabee, McCain and Fred. So now Rick Moran and the rest of us FredHead bloggers are asking for a bit of help:

Fred Thompson’s campaign is once again at a critical juncture and again I am showing my support for the candidate of my choice by organizing a Blogburst in hopes that we can raise the funds necessary for Fred’s campaign to be competitive.

This time, it’s South Carolina where Fred is staking all in hopes of a breakthrough victory. A clinical analysis of the GOP race for President shows that it is still anyone’s ballgame. Rasmussen’s most recent 4 day rolling average has Fred in 4th at 12%, ahead of Giuliani and just 9 points out of the lead held by Mike Huckabee at 22%.


I realize that many bloggers who support Fred have been hitting their readers hard for donations recently – especially since Fred’s campaign has set as a goal raising $540,000 by tomorrow in order to finance his ad campaign. As of Thursday morning, the effort has realized $420,000 towards that goal.

My hope is that once again, speaking with one voice and calling on our readers to dig deep, we can duplicate our success from December’s blogburst, putting Fred way over the top and give the campaign a rocket powered boost into South Carolina and beyond.

We’ve done it before and we can do it again. If you’re a blogger, please participate in this Blogburst for Fred by asking your readers to donate. If you haven’t already, join Jim Lynch’s The Marblehead Regiment and add your blog to his blogroll.

Man the oars and start pulling for Fred. The hour is late and the need is great. Time to pony up if we want to see a true conservative in the White House next November.

He is up to $430,000 grand of this writing, 110 more is needed by the end of the day tomorrow. We can do this. Fred can do it. If 2,750 of us pony up 40 bucks each we can reach that goal.

Fred08 - Contribute Now

If your a blogger on not on this massive list of supporters for Fred please leave a comment with a link to your blog and I will add you asap.

While your at it, check out Fred’s latest policy paper where he lays out his plan to reduce spending:

This issue gives me an opportunity to let you know about Fred’s latest policy paper. Fred Thompson has become the only Republican candidate with a substantial plan to reduce federal spending. One element is earmark reform:

1. Provide President with Line-Item Veto Authority. Congress can provide this authority without a Constitutional amendment. Such authority would better control spending and prevent the use of public funding for wasteful earmarks.

2. Direct Agencies to Ignore “Soft” Earmarks. “Soft” earmarks are those included in Congressional report language, but not in actual legislation. Failure to include such earmarks in the bill language itself makes it easier for Members of Congress to hide their earmarks and prevents the full House and Senate from voting on them. Federal agencies must not fund these “soft” earmarks unless they otherwise meet agency standards for a funding award.

3. Propose Legislation on Earmark Procedures. Promote greater transparency by urging Congress to approve legislation that requires the posting of all earmarks on the Internet

Read the entire paper. A Fred Thompson administration would work to end wasteful spending and force Washington to live within its means.